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How Can A Minority Group Control A Majority?

How does a minority control a majority? With violence and terror.

It helps when you are backed by a superpower with unlimited money, training, weapons and support. Especially support from the Mighty Wurlitzer!

Sputnik News, 5/22/22

Azov Battalion: Laboratory of Nazism

Western propaganda continues to present the defenders of Mariupol as heroic martyrs, but every day it becomes harder to do so. They have been involved in the murder and brutal torture of women and children. The Azov Battalion is a symbol of hell and years of terror for the people of Donbass.

Hell in a Library

"They hung me by my legs, hit me on the head, torso, limbs, made me regain consciousness with water, and shot me near my left ear", reads the medical records of Mariupol resident Tatiana Ganja.

On 30 October 2014, Ganja was detained in Mariupol by five men in military uniform with Azov Battalion chevrons and balaclavas. Already in a car, they beat her with their guns and urinated on her. They took her out of her car, kicked her, and fired a volley of shots over her head. They took her to Mariupol airport, where they carried on torturing her until 8 November. After that, they took her to court and a pre-trial detention centre.

Tatiana was a member of the Communist Party of Ukraine, now outlawed in the country. She took part in protest rallies in Mariupol and the 11 May referendum over the future of the Donetsk region. She was not even aware that she was blacklisted as an “intransigent separatist”.

In March 2019 during a press conference in Moscow, former officer of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) Vasily Prozorov spoke about "The Library": a secret prison at Mariupol airport, a city controlled by the Azov Battalion. The "Library" contained "books", the name given to captured DPR militiamembers and ordinary citizens "suspected of separatism". They were tortured there. The place had two disconnected refrigerated cells with sealed doors and no furniture. Prozorov showed photographs of nine prisoners from the "Library" - among them were a teenager in a khaki t-shirt and two old men. All of them showed signs of beatings.

Azov survivors also confirmed his declarations to Sputnik

Former “Library” inmate Tatiana Ganja described the prison as a “real hell and place of death”.

"I cannot describe all the horrors. The bridge of my nose is broken and my left ear can't hear. It's really hard to remember. I won't recount everything... Nevertheless, it was the UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces] boy who took me to the toilet in that corridor and told me that ‘two days before, a girl had been beaten to death here, also called Tatiana", she explains

On 8 November 2014, Ganja was taken from the airport for investigative actions. She was released following a prisoner exchange between Ukraine and the Donetsk People's Republic on 26 December. Since then, she has been living in Donetsk in one of the dormitories for refugees. Azov looted her home in Mariupol.

"The Azov members took everything: my heating system, windows, and doors". In his declarations, Prozorov also said that members of the "volunteer battalions" sent home any appliances, even microwaves with dried-up sandwiches inside, as trophies.

One day, Elena Blokha, a journalist from Mariupol, also found herself in the “Library’s ‘fridge’”.

"[I was] In a room 3x1.5 metres, lined with white tiles (it looked like a warehouse), there was only one chair, on which a girl with a pale face was sitting. ‘Don't close the door, please!’, she pleaded, turning to the young man. ‘Be patient. You have to be strong’, he replied in a mockingly affectionate manner and shut the door tightly. It went completely dark and very stuffy. Apparently, there was no ventilation", she described.

They detained Blokha along with her son and placed him in a male cell with several other prisoners.

"Some of them, according to my son, were badly beaten. One could even see broken ribs sticking out, another's legs were broken... What kind of people they were and what happened to them afterwards, I don't know, I can only imagine".

Azov: The Beginning

In April 2014, after the Maidan triumph and when a street war between supporters and opponents [of Maidan] broke out in all major cities in southeastern Ukraine, the then-Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov announced an Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in Donbass. While the ATO was started in order to form "volunteer battalions", these batallions later became infamous for their atrocities against civilians and captured militiamembers.

The Azov Battalion was officially established on 5 May 2014 in the Kharkov neo-Nazi organisation Patriots of Ukraine*, the power wing of the Social-National Assembly. The "patriots" opened their first congress in 1999 with a torchlit procession similar to the marches seen in Hitler's Germany.

The unit of 50-60 fighters possessed several smooth bore rifles and traumatic pistols. The head of the press service, Stepan Baida, described the Azov's level of equipment at the time as "reinforced troops".

The Black Corps patches, which directly allude to Reichsführer SS Himmler's military ("Das Schwarze Korps", translated from the German as "Black Corps", the official printed media of the SS), continued to be used by the Azov even after its incorporation into legalranks commanded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At first, it was a deemed a volunteer battalion in the Special Tasks Patrol Police of UkrainianMinistry of Internal Affairs. Then, in October 2014, it became a regiment of the National Guard. As a military unit, Azov was authorised to acquire artillery and tanks. Mariupol Massacre

The presence of Azov became fatal for the residents of Mariupol long before 2022. What happened there in the spring of 2014 was the most important episode of the Donbass conflict.

"In the morning, the Azov men in black uniforms, carrying weapons, [and] in columns of cars drove through [the city]. This show of force was meant to show that Mariupol was and remains a Ukrainian city", Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the interior minister, recalled in a blog on the website of Ukrainska Pravda.

The Victory Day demonstration on 9 May 2014 ended in clashes near the city police headquarters. According to Kiev's official information, 13 people were killed, including police officers, National Guard members and Azov Battalion fighters, as well as civilians.

The local police were sympathetic to the Donetsk People's Republic, but did not take any action against their own superiors or the Ukrainian authorities in general.

A referendum on the independence of the Donetsk People's Republic was scheduled for 11 May 2014. According to Former SBU Lieutenant-Colonel Prozorov, Mariupol police officers received orders to prevent the voting by blocking polling stations and detaining election commission members. However, the majority refused to obey, as they wanted to avoid conflicts with their fellow compatriots, including relatives.

"They are absolutely certain that it was a Kiev provocation. They paid the price for refusing to carry out orders to crack down on the 11 May referendum... The Azov Battalion, Kiev's leaders and representatives of the Interior Ministry tried to stop the insubordination", Prozorov claims.

The list of those killed in Mariupol that day include only police officers, security forces and civilians. 'White Leader'

Andriy Biletsky, a neo-Nazi known as White Leader (a nickname that a civilised person would find absurd which was given to him by his supporters before the Maidan), became Azov's leader. That same year, 2014, he was elected to the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian parliament].

So what did White Leader do before Azov? Shortly before heading the battalion, Biletsky was released from prison. He was freed from the Kharkov pre-trial detention centre in late February 2014 thanks to Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who favoured Azov and admitted that he had "special plans" for the unit.

Biletsky and his accomplices were imprisoned on charges of assaulting Sergei Kolesnik, who, as a result of an incident, sustained open skull and brain injuries and multiple stab wounds. The case was opened under the article of "robbery".

The reason for the attack stemmed from an online argument in which the victim had been careless in speaking out against fascism. Biletsky was arrested and immediately became a "martyr" to the victorious Euromaidan; his detention was seen as political repression. Biletsky has never concealed his Nazi views. Here are some of his most striking quotes.

On his mission and Jews:

"The challenge of the current generation is to create a Third Empire, the Great Ukraine. The historic mission of our nation in this crucial century is to head and lead the white peoples of the world in a final crusade for their existence, a crusade against Semitic-led sub-humanity".

On blood purity:

"The migrant issue is indeed a key one. Our credo is to destroy everything that destroys our people. As you know, you can restore everything – economy, order in the streets, demography, strong army and navy, nuclear weapons – but the only thing that you cannot restore is blood purity”.

On his perception of Nazi collaborators the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA, an extremist organisation banned in Russia):

"It is very unfortunate that Eastern Ukraine even today has a distorted understanding of the UPA".

According to Kharkov journalists, Biletsky's supporters began holding more or less visible actions in the fall of 2005. As early as 14 April 2006, on the anniversary of Koliivshchyna (the Cossack uprising of 1768, which led to a mass slaughter of Poles and Jews), they organised a xenophobic

“Ukraine against the occupation” march in the city’s centre. According to various estimates, between 100 and 200 people took part in the rally. This event was followed by actions against the Vietnamese hostels in Kharkov.

Biletsky's unit skillfully recruited or attracted representatives of far-right youth subcultures to join its ranks. The young neo-Nazis were drawn by their focus on violent methods of struggle: beatings, raids and pogroms.

The "vyshkols" - training camps - of the Patriots of Ukraine organisation were completely different from, for example, the [far-right paramilitary organisations] Tryzub of Stepan Bandera (another extremist organisation banned in Russia), the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists or the Youth Nationalist Congress. In these camps, the organisation held activities for schoolchildren shooting air rifles, marching through forests and singing songs around a campfire. Biletsky, in turn, taught how to storm buildings or “remove” a guardsman from behind (how to strangle and stab him in the heart).

"The backbone of Azov is made up of people who have been involved in 'vyshkols' all their lives. We were preparing for war", Vadym Troyan, then-head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry's Kiev Region, former deputy commander of the Azov Battalion and now deputy interior minister, told the Leviy Bereg newspaper on 2 December 2014. Between 2005 and 2008, Troyan was in charge of physical training for Patriots of Ukraine members.

The Kharkov branch alone had between 200 and 300 fighters in the early 2010s, some of whom lived permanently in the barracks at the organisation's premises.

Where Did the Money Come From?

The Azov was funded - at least partially - by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, as was the case with the other volunteer battalions operating in the ATO. Furthermore, Svetlana Zvarich, director of the Ukrainian National Information Service (one of the largest companies in the local information collection, transmission and processing market), provided assistance.

On 16 April 2015, Ukrayinska Pravda mentioned the charity foundation for educational innovations, which officially “works with Azov and provides it with everything it needs” in a report from Azov's base at the ATEK engineering plant in Kiev , citing a comment by “the chairman of the supervisory board of the foundation, Svetlana Zvarich”.

But that is not the whole story. On 15 July 2016, the public learned that Azov had links to criminals when SBU Special Forces liquidated a group of Azov officers armed with assault rifles and a grenade launcher in Zaporozhye . They had attacked a money collectors’ car, a raid that was clearly not their first.

SBU Chief Vasyl Hrytsak said at the time that the Secret Service was checking Azov’s involvement in at least ten similar crimes.

Sources later specified to the Russian TV channel Vesti that "Before the New Year (2016 – ed. note), the same gang robbed a jewelry shop in one of the malls early in the morning and killed a shop assistant. And on 28 February, the bandits attacked the jewelry shop again".

There is also knowlegde of a bribe of two million hryvnias ($68,000) extorted from a Kiev businessman by the battalion's head of manning Vladimir Brzezinski and former Azov Chief of Staff Vadym Troyan under threats of reprisals.

In other words, the Azov militiamembers were simply engaged in racketeering. According to the owner of one of the gambling halls, the so-called patriots showed up in mid-2015. Couriers from local radical organisations visited all the gambling halls, offering to “negotiate”.

"The cooperation with the 'patriots' basically means that they do not touch us. And we pay them money for this - 30 to 50 thousand hryvnias a month [$1,020-1,700] from each hall. If we do not pay, a Molotov cocktail will burn down the gambling hall within a week".

'Laboratory of Nazism'

The Azov Battalion stands out for its strong ideological background. Neo-Nazis, anti-Semites and racists are at the forefront of the unit. Its symbols contain elements that refer to the emblems of Third Reich military units.

The photo shows Azov fighters taking the oath of allegiance before being sent to Donbass in July 2014. The regiment's flag bears a black Wolfsangel (“wolf’s hook” in German). This sign was the emblem of Hitler's National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP). Subsequently, the Wolfsangel became the tactical mark of the SS Panzer Division “Das Reich”, and was also used in other SS and Wehrmacht units, in particular, the 34th SS Volunteer Grenadier Division "Landstorm Nederland".

Over time, representatives of the Social National Assembly, Automaidan and Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists activists, ultras (hooligans) of the Dynamo (Kiev) and Shakhtar football clubs, members of Dmytro Korchynsky's Bratstvo party* and the Cossack Rifle Brotherhood joined Azov.

The open demonstration of misanthropy attracted radicals and neo-Nazis from all over the world to join the Azov Battalion.

Biletsky said in an interview that there were representatives of three dozen nationalities in Azov, but "not once did a Chinese or a Nigerian come to them".

The Azov expanded, fought against the Donbass militia, and attracting new volunteers, including foreigners.

A series of video interviews with foreigners associated with the regiment were published on the page of the National Corps and National Druzhina units, both projects set up in 2016 by the Azov.

Alexei Levkin from Tver, Russia, is one of the typical characters. He is a neo-Nazi fugitive convicted of being part of a gang that committed numerous ethnic murders. He is also the lead singer of the band M8L8TH, which glorifies fascism, the SS and the concentration camps of the Third Reich.

Quotes from Levkin's diary hit the internet in 2008.

"Adolf Hitler is the Great Leader who has engaged in an unequal fight for our White World. He is the Great Symbol of Our Struggle".

Another volunteer, Joachim Fürholm from Norway, calls himself a "national socialist revolutionary" and "admires" what [2011 far-right Norway bomber Anders] Breivik did. In an interview with the Nazi radio Radio Wehrwolf, found by Bellingcat (an organisation recognised as a foreign agent in Russia), Fürholm considers Azov to be a "laboratory of fascism".

“I found myself leading a small group of volunteers from all over the West: the aim was to get some combat experience and send some of the guys back to pass on skills and knowledge. In a way, it is a fascist laboratory. The conditions there are optimal", he explained.

Beat the Dog Before the Lion

From the outset, all of the volunteer battalions were haunted by scandals: looting and sexual violence (Shakhtersk and Tornado Battalions were the most prominent), kidnapping and killing of civilians (by the notorious Donbass Battalion) and the seizure of businesses.

There was less talk about the Azov. After all, it was an extremely closed unit and the strict hierarchy and the constant threat of reprisals against one's own people played a role.

However, some who joined Azov as volunteers without right-wing radical ideas could not get along in the Nazi environment and revolted. They were the ones who made the White Leader's unpleasant juicy details public.

"I and 15 other fighters left the battalion because of our disagreements, including ideological, with the actions of the commanders and their underlings. Instead of fighting, they are engaged in looting and plundering”, Azov Deputy Commander Yaroslav Gonchar told a correspondent of the Vesti Reporter. “In my presence, two trucks with looted property were taken from Yanukovych's wife Lyudmyla's dacha in Urzuf settlement. Property was also stolen from Yanukovych's hunting grounds in Starodubovka. When I declared such actions, as well as open support for nationalism in the battalion, as unacceptable they tied me up and threw me in the basement. There they tortured me. People saying that the Azov Battalion is pure and innocent are blatantly lying. The battalion has turned into a gang, only extreme rightwingers are accepted. If a person does not adhere to nationalist convictions, he will not be accepted into Azov".

From 'Hateful' to 'Heroes'

Now, almost 80 years after the demise of the Third Reich, Nazi battalions openly marching through the streets of European cities with their symbols which are banned in the civilized world, the unpunished killing of civilians, looting, extortion, reprisals and punitive operations are again a reality.

Back in 2015, the US Congress banned the Pentagon from supplying portable anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine and from training and equipping the Azov Battalion. Congressional representatives called it a "disgusting Nazi formation". This was a reaction to a number of publications in the US press in which shocked journalists wrote about the openly Nazi views of both the leadership and fighters of Azov.

But seven years later, the world is witnessing how the "hideous Nazi formation" began to be fashioned into valiant heroes, the "defenders of Mariupol".
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Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Double Think TV Show

I hear there is going to be full TV coverage of the Congressional Show Trial about Jan. 6th. Not the people still sitting in solidarity confinement without a trial, though, they are ignored. They are going for the well known players in this TV show. Ratings are always better when a name brand actor is used.

This is a bold move! Imagine trying to convince Democrats that people taking selfies between velvet ropes while demonstrating for an accurate vote count is Very Very Bad, while simultaneously insisting that violently overthrowing an elected government under the direction of a foreign power and then allowing them to dictate your new government is a Revolution of Dignity.

Can they do it? Inquiring minds want to know!

I'm guessing they can. There has already been a sneak preview in 2020.

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Wheat As A Weapon In Syria

While the US/NATO media cries crocodile tears over Ukraine's wheat they completely ignore the fact that the US has been occupying 30% of Syria for years. The part of Syria they occupy has most of the oil and the US is stealing Syrian oil, even buiding a refinery on Syrian land in order to facilitate the theft.

But it is also the part of Syria that contains the best farmland and the US burns the wheat fields when they are ready for harvest, for the expressed purpose of starving Syrians into submission. Because, you know, "western values" must be spread.

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Monday, June 6, 2022

Reason vs Feelings / Contrast A Putin Interview With Any Biden Statement

Early advertisements tended to be wordy and full of facts, in an effort to logically convince people of the worthiness of the product being sold. As the advertising industry developed they found that emotions and icons worked better. So instead of a page full of text we now have a checkmark and everyone has been conditioned to know that it is shoes being sold.

A big jump in the PR world came during WW1 when the US government established the Committee on Public Information and put 20,000 men to work putting out official propaganda. It was a hard sell to convince Americans who had just re-elected Wilson on his platform "He kept us out of war" that sending Americans to fight in Europe for no rational reason was a good idea. But the men found that whipping up public hysteria about (invented) German atrocities, coupled with severe repression of dissidents, (including jailing them), did the trick.

A hundred years later we see that our rulers have perfected the craft of selling wars and other agendas with emotion, not logic.

Meanwhile, in Russia, the so-called "western" ideals of the Enlightenment seem to be more in style. Using speech, facts and logic to make a point rather than screaming that anyone who disagrees is spreading "disinformation" and should be cancelled, is still done.

Putin gave an interview two days ago and I saw it discussed by Alexander Mercouris, so I tried to find a transcript to quote the parts he discussed.

Although the Committee on Public Information is long gone, and the Disinformation Governance Board is supposedly "on hold", trying to use a search engine to find a transcript of that interview was a daunting task. Put in specific words requesting an interview transcript and you get page after page of irrelevant entries, largely consisting of the "Is Putin just crazy, or evil?" kind of propaganda that has not progressed much in 100 years.

But Yandex came through. So here is Putin countering the "The whole world is going to starve because Evil Putin is stopping grain shipments from Ukraine" line that is being pushed this week by the mockingbird media.

"First, there are some objective things, and I will mention them now. The world produces about 800 million tonnes of grain, wheat per year. Now we are being told that Ukraine is ready to export 20 million tonnes. So, 20 million tonnes out of 800 million tonnes amounts to 2.5 percent. But if we proceed from the fact that wheat accounts for merely 20 percent of all food products in the world – and this is the case, this is not our data, it comes from the UN – this means that these 20 million tonnes of Ukrainian wheat are just 0.5 percent, practically nothing. This is the first point.".........

"As for shipping out Ukrainian grain, we are not preventing this. There are several ways to export grain. The first one. You can ship it out via the Ukraine-controlled ports, primarily in the Black Sea – Odessa and nearby ports. We did not mine the approaches to the port – Ukraine did this. I have already said to all our colleagues many times – let them demine the ports and let the vessels loaded with grain leave. We will guarantee their peaceful passage to international waters without any problems. There are no problems at all. Go ahead. They must clear the mines and raise the ships they sunk on purpose in the Black Sea to make it difficult to enter the ports to the south of Ukraine. We are ready to do this; we will not use the demining process to initiate an attack from the sea. I have already said this. This is the first point. The second. There is another opportunity: the ports in the Sea of Azov – Berdyansk and Mariupol – are under our control, and we are ready to ensure a problem-free exit from these ports, including for exported Ukrainian grain. Go ahead, please. We are already working on the demining process. We are completing this work – at one time, Ukrainian troops laid three layers of mines. This process is coming to an end. We will create the necessary logistics. This is not a problem; we will do this. This is the second point. The third. It is possible to move grain from Ukraine via the Danube and through Romania. Fourth. It is also possible through Hungary. And fifth, it is also possible to do this via Poland. Yes, there are some technical problems because the tracks are of different gauges and the wheel bogies must be changed. But this only takes a few hours, that is all. Finally, the easiest way is to transport grain via Belarus. This is the easiest and the cheapest way because from there it can be instantly shipped to the Baltic ports and further on to any place in the world. But they would have to lift the sanctions from Belarus. This is not our problem though. At any rate, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko puts it like this: if someone wants to resolve the problem of exporting Ukrainian grain, if this problem exists at all, please use the simplest way – through Belarus. No one will stop you. So, the problem of shipping grain out of Ukraine does not really exist."

There is more to the interview. He relies on logic, facts and reason to make his points, which is why you will not hear US media mention this interview. They are too busy screaming about (invented) Russian atrocities. Hey, if it works, use it again and again.

Reason or emotion? You choose.
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Sunday, June 5, 2022

Nazis in Ukraine

The new narrative injected into people's brains is "If everyone in Ukraine is not a Nazi, that means that there are no Nazis in power." Sometimes coupled with "Well, there are nazis in the US, so what's the big deal?"

Is everyone in Ukraine a Nazi? Of course not. They are a small minority. But they are backed by powerful forces in US/NATO and they use violence to consolidate their power. Anyone who speaks out against them ends up beaten or killed. Millions of people fled the country after the US-baced 2014 coup.

Was everyone in Germany in the 30s a Nazi? Of course not. But powerful industrialists backed Hitler and they used violence to consolidate their power.

It only takes a few people in positions of power and authority to control events and society. After WW 2 most Americans wanted German Nazis and their collaborators to be brought to justice. But Allen Dulles, who had used his position as ambassador to Switzerland to make alliances with the Nazis, used his power and connections to protect top Nazis and even move some to the Americas through the Vatican ratline.

Did most of the world's population want to shut down their economies for months, pushing many small businesses out of business? No, of course not. But people in positions of power decreed it to be so and so it was done.

Did most people want to submit to a medical experiment using a new drug involving a novel delivery system? No, of course not. But people with power mandated it and many people submitted against their will.

Do most people believe that a man can accidentally have the soul of a woman inserted into his male body during fetal development and therefore can be legally documented as female and participate in women's sports? No, of course not. But powerful institutions have decreed it to be done and so it is done.

Yes, there are always sonme people who submit to the agenda with enthusiasm. Do I think that there are many people in Ukraine sporting swastika tatoos and supporting pogroms, mask-fetished people happily lining up for their fourth injection and indoctrinated Millennials completely convinced that human biology is transphobic and outdated? Yes, yes, I do. But that doesn't mean that everyone in any given population has to be a True Believer in order for powerful people with an evil agenda to rule over all.

And that is what is happening in Ukraine.

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

Legally Speaking vs Reality

Some years ago, a bunch of college students brought their passed-out friend into the ER. We did a blood alcohol test and it was high, around 300. Her friends were very concerned by this and asked me "What is the number where you are legally dead?"

I was confused by their question at first. Then I tried to explain that there is no "legally dead" alcohol number, but I was unable to convince them. They kept demanding that I give them the number.

That is not how it works. You are either dead, or you are alive. Lab ETOH results do not change that status.

It is true that she had some superficial characteristics that made her look dead. She was lying there without moving and she was unresponsive. However, on a cellular level, she was quite alive. Also, she was breathing and her heart was beating, and her skin was warm.

That made her alive.

Yes, there are legal variations on the two states, such as brain death. But that distinction is also based on bodily reality, not a lab test.

And if a group of people all decide that their particularly stupid friend is "brain dead", that does not change the reality of his actual brain function. Their opinions do not change reality.

The young people of today (and some older ones) strongly believe that checking a different box on a form can make a person literally change their body sex. They are encouraged in this belief by the entire Establishment, which puts out articles, TV and movies and also passes laws to firm up this delusion.

There is bodily reality and there are appearances. Just as a passed out drunk is not actually dead, a person in a dress is not literally a woman, no matter what box they check on a vital statistics form, or what the legal system decrees.

That is not how it works.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Power To The Corporations

I see the reset plan as a continuation of the WTO plan.

For a couple of decades, the US and the rest of the international community™ have pushed to destroy national sovereignty in favor of corporate rights.

NAFTA was one of the successes. Any attempt by any signatory country to protect its land, water, resources or people went to a corporate court, which then ruled in favor of the corporations.

They tried to push it worldwide with various schemes. People in the USA fought the WTO in the Battle of Seattle in 1999. Undaunted, the WTO brought it back in Cancun in 2003, but a South Korean farmer gave his life to stop it.

I think there was one more time, but I forget where.

So they put in Obama. You know, who ran on being the "most transparent president ever".

He slapped strict censorship over the new iteration of the corporate plans, called the TPP and the TIPP.

Luckily someone not American released some info anyway and public opposition ramped up.

On the first day of Trump's presidency he tore up the treaties that Obama had signed. No doubt that is one of the reasons he has been targeted for vitriol.

Anyway, imo, they pivoted again and are now trying to push through the same corporate takeover plan under the guise of "public health".

This is because "do it for the corporations" was not as appealing to the masses as "do it for grandma". This seems to be working on a wide swath of the more gullible among us.

Luckily those countries who are not part of the international community™ have stepped up and resisted.

We have a reprieve until 2023.

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