Friday, June 14, 2019

Imperial Media Balks on Iran Story-Shades of Anthrax

   A week after 9-11 the anthrax attacks started.   9-11 had been blamed on, well, it's a long story, but the basic gist of it is that the US needed to destroy Afghanistan.   The media went along with this story obediently.
   Plus, they turned Bush into a strong and presidential hero.  This was odd.  It would have been just as easy to turn that unelected blithering idiot into a scapegoat, for hanging out at his Texas ranch the month of August, ignoring warnings, then spending the morning of 9-11 reading about a goat before hiding in a cave all day.  But no, I remember the TV showing him, after he came out of hiding and was flown back to Washington, striding manfully across the White House lawn, alone, like John Wayne, ready for a showdown, while the narrator spoke, in hushed tones, of the awe they felt of seeing his masterful command.

   But this very same media balked at the anthrax story, after a brief time of performing as directed.  The script they were supposed to follow  was that Iraq had mailed weaponized anthrax to innocent Americans, killing some and terrorizing millions.  People opened their mail wearing gloves, and letters to Congress (and the editor, the main way people had to communicate horizontally back then) were banned.
    For a couple of weeks, the media dutifully put fear into Americans, who responded not just by fearing envelopes, but also by stocking up on plastic and duct tape.
    Here's an interesting tidbit.  I just used a search engine to find articles about the destruction of 70 years worth of anthrax samples at Iowa State in Ames,  during the "investigation" of the anthrax attacks.  The FBI, headed by Robert Mueller, had OK'd the destruction.

   Why?  Why would Iowa State destroy a 7 decade trove of anthrax samples, right in the middle of an anthrax scare?  And why would the FBI OK such a move?  And why is it that the only newspaper article I could find to link to is a weekly in San Francisco?

   OK, it's not that the imperial media did a great job on debunking the "Iraq tried to kill us all with anthrax" narrative, but they did push back enough that we all know it was American anthrax, not Iraqi.   And then the entire hysteria was dropped down the Memory Hole, while 9-11 continues to this day.
    And the narrative for the attack on Iraq was an entirely different story, which the media happily participated in pushing.

    But, what strange sight is this?  Some of the media is balking on pushing the latest Iran story.  Two tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman yesterday.   One was a Japanese tanker, and, by an interesting coincidence, the prime minister of Japan was in Tehran,  meeting with the leader of Iran.
    Pompeo and Bolton promptly told us that Iran chose the time of a state meeting with the leader of Japan to attack a Japanese tanker.
   Why?  Um...….because Iran is just Evil like that?  We're supposed to just believe them, not think. And definitely don't use logic to look for a motive.  That is not usually allowed.  But this time, a majority of the people of the world have loudly proclaimed that the Official Story is clearly Bullshit.

   Is that the reason the imperial media has rebelled?   Well, not really rebelled, just meekly added some weasel words to their stenography.
    Some media outlets, including NPR, CNN and Reuters, added "no evidence" to their headlines.  That is odd.   They haven't talked about requiring evidence for ruling class claims since Colin Powell took his test tube to the UN.

   Is this an anthrax moment?
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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Message from the US to Iran

   Apparently, Prime Minister Abe of Japan was carrying a letter from Trump for Khamenei, but Khamenei refused to accept the sritten message.

   And then Japanese oil tankers carrying Iranian oil were attacked.

   A different kind of message?
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Attack on Japanese Tanker

  Anyone brain dead enough to believe that Iran would invite the Japanese prime minister to Tehran, and then pick that time to bomb a Japanese tanker filled with Iranian oil, is beyond hope of intellectual redemption.

   That would be like believing that Assad would invite a UN chemical weapons inspection team to Syria to investigate Syrian claims that the terrorists were using chemical weapons on Syrian soldiers, and then pick the team's arrival in Damascus as the time to use sarin gas on children in a Damascus suburb, thus crossing Obama's ''Red Line''.

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My Experience With Social Media Censorship-A Facebook Experience

   A quick google search of ‘’social media fake news” brought up thousands of hits, and, as I expected, they seemed to be dated from 2016 to today.  I recalled that the propaganda blitz started around the 2016 election, and my search confirmed that recollection. Ironically, a google search with those words will likely not be censored by Google, since the ruling Establishment is solidly behind the project to convince people that they should distrust  and abandon social media, and return to the comforting fold of the legacy media, now self-proclaimed the “legitimate media”.   More aptly named the imperial media, it beams the message of the ruling elites vertically, top down, into each house or car.   The citizens receive the message passively, and  have no way to catch errors, or share their skepticism or opinions with others.

   90% of the “legitimate media”, TV, radio, magazines, web news and newspapers are owned by 5 mega-corporations, so you know it must be trustworthy, right?

    Starting in 2016, the alarm bells of “too much wild west freedom”  have been rung in almost every one of those 90% outlets, as well as by major politicians, including Congress,  President Obama and would-be president, Hilary Clinton, (who spends a great deal of time bitterly making lists of those who she believes caused her failure).

     In the spring of 2017, many alternative news websites began noticing that their reader numbers were falling precipitously.   Google had agreed to set up protocols to steer people away from those websites, in the name of countering “fake news”.   A list drawn up by a sketchy group called Prop Or Not was relied upon, although many of the best news sites on the internet were included, some founded by ex-journalists, including prize winning journalists,  who had been fired from the “legitimate media” for failing to follow the imperial script.

   In the following spring, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg was hauled in front of Congress for two days of grilling and lecturing, while the Congress members extorted a promise from him that censorship on Facebook would be ramped up.

    And that is what happened to me.  I have been on Facebook since 2009.  I only joined to keep tabs on my son, who never wrote and never called.  As it turned out, he never posted either, but I quickly learned that Facebook was a great place to make friends all over the country and the world, and was very good for learning news and events that would never make it onto our self-proclaimed legit media.  It was also good for sharing skepticism of said media with other people, and countless times my friends would point out discrepancies, inconsistencies and laughable lapses of logic in the Official Stories of many events.  And yes, the laughing was important.  Hilarious memes were spread to highlight the utter ridiculousness of our leaders and their media stories and narratives.   (This widespread ridicule might be why our rulers are so fixated on stopping memes from being shared).

   So, after 9 years on Facebook, I suddenly was targeted by the censors.  Starting last winter, I would be scrolling along on Facebook, as I had been for years, and suddenly, there would appear an announcement that I had violated “community standards”.    My first jail sentence was for 24 hours, the next was for 3 days, and I am now doing a 5th 30 stretch in the hole, since last December.

    What “community” was this, that was so offended by my posts and comments?  Apparently, it is the “international community” our rulers tell us are so important.

   I got two sentences for pointing out that the US had backed a coup in Ukraine in 2014 that has open Nazis involved, and posting a picture of some of them, posing with NATO and SS flags.

 Yes, the US spent $5 billion to overthrow the elected Ukrainian government, according to Victoria Nuland, who should know, since she was there, passing out cookies and picking the next dictator.
"Yats! Yats is the guy".
Now Ukraine has open Nazis in the government, glorifying their Nazi ancestors, killing over 10,000 civilians in eastern Ukraine, and attacking gays, Russians, Roma and political opponents in the rest of Ukraine.
But we're supposed to send those brutal Nazis more weapons?
On what planet is that a good idea?”  

 The community was quite offended by that statement.

  The first 30 day sentence was then extended another 30 days for a crime of posting I had somehow managed to commit even though I hadn’t been able to log in to Facebook at all those first 30 days.  This sentence was served with access to my Facebook page.   I could see my page, but was unable to post, comment, “like” or message.   The ensuing jail sentences have all been like this.  I can see my page, but I cannot engage with anyone.

    My next crime was posting about a couple in England who had been arrested, imprisoned and lost their baby for the crime of naming him Adolf and being Nazi sympathizers.   They had committed no actual crimes.   How is it possible that pointing out that there are NATO-backed Nazis in Ukraine is verboten, but also that calling for freedom of speech and ideas, even for Nazis, is also verboten?  Does the community support armed Nazis in the Ukrainian government, but oppose unarmed parents in the UK who name their baby Adolph?  Where is the logic in that?  (I need a meme for this).

   My next two sentences were for comments, not posts.  They were on different friends’ posts, 40 days apart, but both were for the crime of pointing out that it was easy to tell who listens to the imperial media, because they repeat the dominant narrative verbatim, as if it were their very own thoughts, carefully considered and crafted.

   Because I can see my page, I have noted that many of my friends assume that my sentences are because one of my friends has turned me in to the authorities.  The advice of many people is to distrust my friends, preemptively block people for my safety and to only post to a limited audience.  

    I am inclined to dismiss this theory.  The fact that we went through 2 ½ years of anti-social media propaganda, the fact that Facebook openly vowed to censor, the fact that thousands of censors were added and the Atlantic Council was hired to help, seems to be a more reliable guide to my constant bans than the belief that my friends suddenly turned treacherous after 9 years.

   Recall that our overlords are skilled at disrupting movements.  We know that part of the 60s CointelPro program was a campaign to sow mistrust and paranoia between comrades, and the FBI would send letters accusing people of sabotage and infidelity, to rupture long standing friendships and alliances.   I see no reason to doubt that this strategy of sudden bannings, with no reason given, complainer named, or recourse allowed, is deliberate.   They want us to withdraw from social media, or at least, to limit the number of people with whom we interact.  The  uncertainty about what constitutes community standards, the randomness of the targeting, the inability to appeal, all contribute to a climate of  fear among Facebook users which make people hesitant to post on certain subjects and share certain stories, even if the sites on not on Facebook’s official banned list of sites.  This, combined with the actual removal of thousands of people for 30 day sentences, shuts down free and open discourse.

   The destruction of the horizontal communication between the people of the world made possible by the flowering of social media is to be resisted.   We need to hold clear the principle that we have the right to share information, news and opinions without censorship or discrimination.  Social media platforms are privately owned, but they have a natural monopoly that cannot be replicated, and they are a common carrier of the kind that should be recognized as subject to laws forbidding discrimination or censoring.  They are the new town square, and everyone needs to have equal access to the soap boxes.




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Monday, June 10, 2019

Pompeo, Bolton and Abrams as Used Car Salesmen

This is community radio for Southern Illinois, WDBX, 91.1 FM, Carbondale. And now we interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a special promotional announcement – from Pompeo & Bolton Auto Sales!

Pompeo: Hi, I’m Mike Pompeo, here with John Bolton, and have we got some great deals here for you!

Bolton: That’s right, Mike – like this 1989 Dodge Daytona, yours for the low price of just $50,000!

Pompeo: Now, some of you may be thinking that $50,000 is a lot of money for a 30-year-old car, with – how many miles on it, John?

Bolton: Looks like it got to 115,000 before it blew a gasket, there, Mike. Of course, I haven’t adjusted the odometer yet.

Pompeo: Okay, so yeah that is a lot of money for a 30-year-old car that may need some minor repairs before it will run. But guess what: It’s a great deal, and you, Bill Markham of Royalton, Illinois, are going to pay it. Tell them why, John.

Bolton: Because we know where you live, Bill. And where your wife goes to work and your children go to school. We sure wouldn’t want anything to happen to them, now would we, Mike?

Mike: No, of course not, and I’m guessing Bill wouldn’t either. Better pay up, Bill, by close of business tomorrow. What else we got, John?

Bolton: Check this out, Mike. We’ve got a 1992 Dodge Firebird for sale, for the low price of $50,000!

Mike: Wait, John. I thought the Firebird was a Pontiac model.

John: It is, Mike, but we had to replace so many of the parts with Dodge parts, we decide to go ahead and call it a Dodge. It does have three of the four wheels, though; the brakes work fairly frequently, and the windshield wipers work if you jiggle the handle just the right way.

Mike: Sounds pretty dodgy to me, John.

John: Yeah, I guess so, Mike. But Mariah Nielson of Ava, Illinois, you’re going to buy it! In fact, you’ve already bought it, because we gained access to your bank account! Congratulations, Mariah!

Mike: Great sales, job, John. Hey, speaking of great sales jobs, here’s one of our top salesman, Elliot “the Weasel” Abrams! How’s it going Elliot?

Elliot: Heh, heh, we’re doing some bang-up sales today, Mike. I’ve got an ‘85 Mustang here for sale for the low price of just $50,000. It is missing all the hubcaps, but, uh, we can replace those for an additional 5 grand apiece, so if you want the hubcaps – and I think you do – the grand total would be the incredibly low price of 70 grand. Hey, Mr. Corey Borkon of Sesser, Illinois, you need to pay up, see? Because, uh, it turns out that there are death squads in your neighborhood. Now, I’m not saying that I have anything to do with them, but I have it on good authority that they will lay off you if you come in and pay full price, or sign one of our very generous financing agreements by noon tomorrah, you catch my drift?

Mike: Ha ha, that Elliot, always with the death squads. He’s quite the cut-up folks! Hey John, tell the folks in radioland about our new windshield repair facility.
John: Oh, yeah, Mike. Right next to our showroom in Du Quoin, we’ve set up a great windshield repair facility. We will completely re-do your windshield with safety glass, personally certified by us, for just $10,000 plus taxes, licenses and fees. Now I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking, there’s nothing wrong with my windshield, but actually [sound of glass shattering] you really do need a replacement.

Mike: Thanks for bringing that good news to the people of Southern Illinois, John. Now, you may be wondering why this non-commercial radio station would suddenly let us do an advertisement, but it’s really not about the money, is it John?

John: No, Mike, we’re just trying to bring our style of democracy to the region. It’s for your own good, ‘cause we are the best.

Mike: Well there you have it. So remember, folks, come see us at Pompeo & Bolton Auto Sales right away. And we do mean, right away. Until our next visit, you can now return to your regularly scheduled program.

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Legitimate Media Mourns Death of Al Qaeda Leader

 The reaction of the self-proclaimed "legitimate media" to the death of a terrorist (who they call a "rebel", rather like Reagan's calling the Contras in Nicaragua and the Muhajadeen in Afghanistan "freedom fighters") shows us why we need alternative media, and, therefore, why our ruling overlords are stomping down so hard on alternative media.

    As Syria moves into Idlib province to liberate the towns and cities there from the brutal head-chopping, throat-slitting, missile-launching terrorists that the US, Turkey, NATO, and the GCC countries have been supplying, training, arming and backing for the last 8 years, the media is ramping up the "Save Private Al Qadeda" campaign.  We saw this before the liberation of east Aleppo and Ghouta province, both of which are now rebuilding, sending their children back to schools, and living their lives without being monitored by crazed religious fanatics, backed and armed by the USA.

   Caitlin Johnstone is one of the best sources of clear-eyed analyses of the way the news is spun by the self-proclaimed legitimate media, 98% of which is owned by just 5 corporations.

    A favorite of the US was killed yesterday, and the imperial media was devastated.  As Caitlin points out....

 "Today, mass media outlets are mourning the death of a well-known Jaysh al-Izza fighter named Abdel-Basset al-Sarout with grief-stricken beatifications not seen since the death of war criminal John McCain. An Associated Press report which has been published by major news outlets like The New York Times, The Guardian, PBS and Bloomberg commemorates Sarout as a “Syrian soccer goalkeeper” who “won international titles representing his country”, as “the singer of the revolution”, and as “an icon among Syria’s opposition”.

  She also points out how the Mighty Wurlitzer spins the words to downplay and lionize a mass murderer...

“God willing we will work with them shoulder-to-shoulder when we leave here,” Sarout has been translated as saying in the speech. “And we are not Christians or Shiaa to be scared of suicide belts and car bombs. We consider these things as strengths of ours, and God willing they will be just that. This message is to the Islamic State and our brothers in Jabhat al-Nusra, that when we come out of here we will all be one hand to fight Christians and not to have internal fights among ourselves. We want to take back all the lands that have been filthied by the regime, that were entered and taken over by Shiaas and apostates.”
This bloodthirsty terrorist warmongering was taken by the aforementioned AP hagiography and twisted into the single sentence, “He repeatedly denounced rebel infighting and called on Syrians to unite against government forces.”
That is some impressive spin!  But the Atlantic goes farther, turning this call for blood (imagine the reaction if a Proud Boy made such a speech in the USA), into an integral part of his greatness...
"The Atlantic‘s Hassan Hassan framed Sarout’s unconscionable agendas as mere “flaws” which actually add to his inspiring and heroic story, tweeting, “Some individuals celebrated as heroes make you doubt all stories of heroes in history books. Others, like Abdulbasit Sarout, not inspire of but despite his flaws, make those stories highly plausible. He’s a true legend & his story is well documented. May his soul rest in peace.”
Yeah, come on, everybody’s got flaws. Some people suck at parallel parking, some people team up with ISIS and Al-Qaeda on genocidal extermination campaigns. We’ve all got our quirky little foibles."
   The propaganda of the imperial media will only worsen if members of the US Special Forces or CIA are captured, as they direct the terrorists and their activities in Idlib.
   Citizens of the US and its vassals should be very suspicious of all media claims and cautious of their outrage.

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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Near Miss Between Russia and USN in China Sea

It is obvious that the spin doctors that put out the "news" watch social media to see how it is playing in Peoria (as the ad men used to say).

My husband heard on NPR yesterday morning that the US ship was anchored in the Philippine Sea and those nasty Russians came up out of nowhere to almost attack them.

By the time I heard the story, both ships were moving and the Russian ship was coming up too fast, so the US captain had to put his ship in reverse. They showed a picture and there was wake behind the Russian ship. Wake, I tell you, WAKE! And yes, you could see wake. The ship appeared to have been on a straight course, and then swerved to miss the US ship.
But they just kept repeating that the wake proved that the Russians were Evil.

Eventually, US Navy veterans got onto social media to explain the rules of the sea, and the proper procedures when two ships pass in the day, etc.

And now I see that the propaganda has been dropped, at least from the most obvious outlets. Maybe Peoria, as well as the rest of the US, has too many veterans for obvious provocations to go unremarked upon?

And maybe too many people know how the US swaggers around the world to believe the Official Story.

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