Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Will Sucker Punching Someone You Don't Like Stop Fascism?

I can't believe that I even have to address this issue. The answer to the title question is "No".

Someone attired in black came up and sucker punched a man speaking in the street. A video was taken and has gone viral. I am amazed that some of my friends seem to think that if you punch enough people, you can prevent fascism.

Fascism is not a white supremacist spouting off on the street. Fascism is the end result of capitalism, where it seizes control of the state apparatus, and uses it to further loot and enrich the capitalist class. It relies on nationalism, militarism and division of the working class. It cannot be stopped by punching an individual in the face. That is absurd. Fascism relies on the acquiescence and compliance, or, at least, the apathy of the majority of the working class. That is why the spectacles are provided, from the glorification of the military in the movies and at the mass meetings such as football games, or the mass demonstrations of the women. The right wing who blames immigrants or black people for their falling living standards are delusional, but so are the people who march around the White House waving signs, who go home feeling warm and fuzzy and very proud that they sure showed Trump who is boss. Sadly, you have dug up another entire section of deluded Americans, who think that you can stop an entire system of oppression and war by punching a guy in the mouth. Do you not realize how that plays on TV? Do you not realize that the majority of Americans get all their opinions from TV? Do you not realize that most Americans firmly believe in the right of free speech, although most of them are very shaky on the concept? If you are really serious about fighting fascism you have to know that only a united working class can succeed. And that punching someone in the face for speaking just lost you a shitload of support.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Your Fear Proves Nothing

If a child is told there is a boogeyman out to get him, and he fervently takes it to heart, that is not proof of boogeymen. Even if the child is absolutely terrified, and has to have a nightlight, and won't go outside at night, and sleeps with a teddy bear....still Not Proof.

Americans on the Blue Team sneered for 8 years at members of the Red Team, holed up in their houses, clutching their guns, waiting for Sharia Law to be imposed, and the Blue Helmets to come snatch their guns and children away.

Yesterday, we had the spectacle of millions of women, terrified that their birth control would be snatched, and their pussies grabbed, marching all over the USA. And, even more bizarrely, around the world. Really? Do the women of London and Paris really think that Donald Trump is a threat to their birth control?

Since the election, we have been sternly told that, if people are afraid, then that is proof that there is reason to be afraid.

I have seen reports that someone's Muslim neighbor had to go to the ER, because she had an anxiety attack when Trump was elected. The Mexican classmates of another's high school student were crying that their parents would be deported. OK, as a bleeding heart myself, I am truly sorry that these people are so afraid. However, I refuse to take their fear as some sort of evidence based reality.

Same with your cousins in Latvia. I understand that, after years of propaganda about the imminent Russian invasion, your cousins are convinced that the Russians are out to get them. This, however, is not proof of anything. It just means that your cousins are susceptible to fear mongering.

Remember when we were told that the Iraqis were spreading anthrax through the mail? Remember the guy who took it to heart and wrapped his entire house in plastic and duct tape? How'd that work out for him? Remember how quickly the fear mongering was dropped when it turned out to be American anthrax, and not from Iraq at all? Was fear of Iraqi anthrax evidence that it was Iraq?

Remember, 2 years ago, how we were all going to die from Ebola? It was spreading exponentially, and it was a horrible, painful death. But, not enough to like, put up a quarantine, or anything. We were all going to die, but we didn't want to be non-inclusive or bigoted before we went.

Out here in Deplorable Land, (as the tolerant, inclusive Blue Team lovingly calls us), people were all riled up against al Qadeda, 15 years ago. They were ready to kill every Muslim in the world, all one billion of them. (Seriously, I was told that).

But, two days ago, our local paper printed an AP article about how horrible it was that the Russians insisted that al Qaeda in Syria not be part of the ceasefire. Yep, out here in Deplorable Land, we were told that the renamed al Qaeda Syrian branch was the best fighting force trying to overthrow the government in Syria, so it was absolutely outrageous that Russia was still targeting them.

See? People can believe anything, and then they can believe anything else. Before you get too worked up about what Fox News OR NPR tells you, step back and think about it. Watch what they do, not what they say.

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