Thursday, October 6, 2016


Two years ago, ISIS was rolled out as the new scariest terrorist group, ever.

Oddly enough, though, the Obamba regime refused to attack them, as they left Mosul with US tanks, weapons and ammo, and headed towards Syria. Obama informed us that the reason was that " al Maliki is not inclusive enough". Well, that was bizarre.

A few months later, we were treated to stories about how the US needed to go into Syria and start bombing ISIS, although aggressive invasions of another country are against international law.

From a Facebook post two years ago....Interesting report from Syria, from a commenter on another thread...."ISIL continues to attack Kobane with 15.000 militias, 40 tanks, 30 artillery and other modern weaponry provided by wealthy donors from Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other countries. And the YPG-YPJ guerrillas defend the city with AK47 and improvised and YPG-YPJ made weaponry for 3 years now. And the world does nothing, while desperate supporters and friends of humanity all over the world desperately seek ways to reach Kobane or to send supplies and support. Locals also report that ISIL heavy weapons and tanks are out in the open but not yet targeted by air strikes, and mortars are falling like rain on Kobane. Witnesses are saying dozens of ISIL tanks are in plain sight but the coalition forces are not hitting them. Immense anger and confusion over this. If they wanted to hit the tanks they are there in PLAIN sight!!!! Resistance appears almost impossible, which is leading to more desperate moves and immense sacrifices by the YPG-YPJ forces. A YPG soldier says: " Tonight the jets of the international coalition hit 4 empty positions of ISIS."

Here we are, two years later, in 2016. A little over 2 weeks ago, USAF war planes attacked Syrian soldiers defending the town of Deir Ez-zor, killing 62 immediately and wounding another 100, (20 of whom later died). Immediately after the attack, ISIS overran the airport. Only Russian intervention prevented them from stopping the nightly humanitarian aid supplies being flown in.

Two days ago, USAF war planes "accidentally" attacked Iraqi forces who had just driven ISIS from their town near Mosul, killing 20, and allowing ISIS to retake the town.

This, plus numerous documented cases of the USAF "accidentally" dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS makes it clear to me that the Obama regime has no intention of harming its death squads on the ground in Syria. Now that Russia has openly pointed this out, and refused to allow any more "ceasefires" that allow the terrorists to regroup and rearm, we wait to see what Obama's reaction will be. Is he really ready to potentially start World War Three, just to overthrow Assad?
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Friday, January 29, 2016

American Exceptionalism

Americans do not feel entitled to food, shelter, pensions or health care. Citizens of other countries may be entitled to such things, but, by God, not us! Eat your bootstraps, if you're hungry. Sleep under a bridge, unless the Super Bowl is coming to your town, then get the hell out of there.
Americans DO, however, feel entitled to tell other people how to run their countries, and Americans DO feel entitled to overthrow other people's government, bomb them, and invade them and Americans DO feel entitled to taking over countries resources and seizing their assets.

Most Americans do not even realize that attacking other countries is a war crime. This article, from last year, is well worth reading again.

And this is a relevant quote...."To initiate a war of aggression...," said the Nuremberg Tribunal judges in 1946, "is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

And another thing. Americans supported the attacks on countless countries after WW2 because....''communism''.
But after the USSR was destroyed in 1991, they no longer had that excuse, so they switched to ''humanitarian intervention''.
They bombed Yugoslavia because ''Milosevich is killing his own people''.
They bombed Iraq because ''Saddam is killing his own people''.
They bombed Libya because "Ghaddafi is killing his own people''.
They are bombing Syria because ''Assad is killing his own people''.
Yet 1204 Americans were shot dead last year, summarily executed, usually on the streets, or in their own homes. Even children were shot or wounded.
Yet, I have not heard one American call for another country to bomb us, to protect us from the government. Not one.
And now we see that the people of Flint are being poisoned, yet I have not heard one American call for the bombing of Michigan, in order to ''save them''.
Why not?
Wouldn't it be ''humanitarian intervention''?

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