Saturday, June 28, 2008

Addington is (another) Big Fat Liar

On Thursday, David Addington and John Yoo testified before Congress. Well, they sat in front of Congress and lied and denied. And they defended torture without admitting that they were legally responsible for the recent American torture we have seen reported.

What is it about the neocons that makes them so arrogant? They drip contempt for the little people that pay their salary and the people's representatives who are supposed to make them accountable.

This "I don't recall" shit is got to stop. Sure, Reagan could use it. He was an idiot to start with and he had Alzheimers and was on drugs, so it was kinda believable.

But Addington had the nerve to say to John Conyers that he didn't know what the term "unitary executive" meant. Conyers, staggered by the nerve of someone lying about that which he invented, tried to get him to own up, but Addington wouldn't. I was amazed. He was lying without purpose and without hope of deception, but, to his credit, I'm sure that he knew that he would go unpunished for what, as Hitler called, "a impudent reversal of the truth". These people are the direct heirs to the Nazis, and we are watching as our fascist country (in Mussolini's definition - the marriage of State and capitalism) move towards outright embracing of torture and murder to further their aims.

At the same time the Supreme Court liberalized gun possession. What could be the purpose of this? If the Supreme Court were worried about the Bill of Rights, shouldn't it strike down the Patriot Act? Could it be that they want to foment civil war in the US, since it works so well to excuse a military crackdown?
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hillary and I are Shocked

I can't believe that Obama won. How can this happen? And, obviously, Hillary can't believe it either. Like Georgie in 2000, she's sitting there smugly waiting for HW to come through. And why shouldn't he? If he could put his embarrassing coke-snorting, alcoholic idiotic son in the White House, why can't he do the same for his dutiful surrogate daughter?

After all, W never did a thing for his father, but Bill and Hillary - that's another story. From turning over land and facilities in Arkansas in the 80s to train contras and run drugs and guns, to pardoning the convicted criminals in 41's administration, to bombing Iraq in retaliation for a purported assassination attempt on 41, (and then on and on the next 8 years just for the hell of it), to supporting NAFTA, and the WTO and other components of HW's beloved New World Order, to hanging with HW in the last few years, from golfing to appearances at disasters; come on, what more could they do?

And then to have Obama waltz up at the last minute, holding hands with Zgyneiw Brezhinsik, and steal the nomination from Hillary? This just ain't right, folks. This must be how dutiful son Jeb feels.

So if Hillary calls for Obama's assassination, who could blame her? She knows HW can come through. And if he doesn't, she's got every right to be indignant.
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