Saturday, June 17, 2017

Transwomen are Women?

For the last couple of years, Americans, and others have been subjected to a massive media push to get us to believe that men can actually be women, if they believe deeply enough that they are. Sort of an update of the old "Mind over Matter" or "Think yourself Rich" or "If you Dream it, you can be it", which have been fads that have come and gone throughout the decades.

I have believed, for a while, that this is another psy-ops, to see how many people they can get to deny reality, (like the Flat Earth thing, which has suddenly flared up), but now I really think so.
It's just too prevalent to be a natural thing. We're talking about just a handful of people, here, so why is it everywhere?

I'm used to observing media pushes and deducing what the ruling class wants us to believe this week, like the very obvious media blitzes when the US wants to attack another country, and the all-out media campaign against Trump that made it obvious our overlords wanted the Dark Queen, but what's up with the transgender thing, all of a sudden?

There are TV shows, and magazine articles, and Justice Dept rulings galore. WTF?
OK, so Bruce Jenner becomes Caitlyn, and they got an entire audience at the Academy Awards to give him a standing ovation. And there was a media blitz pushing it. He got a highly publicized article and photo shoot (by Annie Lebowitz, yet!)in Vanity Fair. He was "Woman of the Year" in Glamour Magazine. OK, fine. People don't really care that much, and Americans are carefully taught tolerance their entire lives. (Or, they were, for decades).

But, the very next week, we had the Rachel Donzeal thing. Right after we had been told, very sternly, that you can be whatever you think you are, there was a MASSIVE pileup on her, for daring to say that she was black, when she was actually white. The outrage! The cultural appropriation! Get her!
OK, there were people who made the obvious connection. How can something as basic in biology as the male/female grouping be easily overcome by positive thinking, but something as random as the various genes that control melanin and hair texture be immutable?

These people were also roundly trashed by the PC brigades. Racist! Bigot! How dare they compare two things so very different?

OK, yes, they are very different. The XX and XY chromosomes that control sex are, as I said, very very basic, but there is no such thing as a black gene.

There is an entire generation of people who were brought up in the identity politics years, and are vulnerable to charges of racism and sexism.

But, wait? Aren't women an oppressed group? How can you tramp on the rights of women so blatantly?

Well, you just repeat, over and over, that ''transwomen are women'', and then you announce that, actually, transwomen are more oppressed that other women, so they deserve our sympathy and support, not actual women, who now become "privileged", in comparison.

OK, now they have a large, very vocal contingent of people following along.
Then, they ratcheted up the provocations, and publicized it widely.

No more Vagina Monologues. That is offensive to ''women' without vaginas.

No more talk of menstruation, cramps, PMS, pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding. That is divisive and exclusionary and hurtful to the feelings of transwomen.

Then the Justice Dept. ruling, allowing boys into girls' locker rooms. WHAT! Any woman who had ever hated stripping down in the locker room in front of the other girls could feel for those poor teenagers who now will be forced to strip in front of boys, because the boys' feelings are more important than a whole class of girls.

That woke up the rest of America, and the outrage started up.
But the social justice warriors followed right along with the ruling class. This was not a problem. Transwomen are actually women, don't you see, so why would there be a problem with teenaged girls being forced to strip in front of them?

So, here we are. More and more feminists, especially older women, are waking up and starting to call out the bullshit.

They are being roundly attacked and vilified by people who chant, like good little robots, that ''transwomen are really women''.

Meanwhile, our overlords are carefully monitoring social media, to see just how many people go along with their agenda, and how many rebel, and the right wing is having a field day, showing the arguments to people not indoctrinated in the identity group politics of the educated.

It is a mess.
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