Friday, September 24, 2010

Ahmadinejad and 9-11

US media is reporting that Iranian President Ahmadinejad told the UN General Assembly that many in the Arabian world believe that the Bush administration was behind the 9-11 attacks, and that the US delegation walked out when he said that.

My first reaction was that it isn't only Arabs that don't believe the official story, and for the US media to report it that way was totally bogus. And for them to report that "Americans are outraged" is reminiscent of their constant reporting that "we all loved Reagan", which never fails to send me into sputtering outrage.

And more recently, that "Americans were outraged" when Hugo Chavez smelled sulfur after Bush exited the podium. And ain't I an American? My friends and I laughed and agreed with Hugo.

And when they announced that "Americans were outraged" that the Iraqi threw a shoe at Bush. Really? Then why did Americans mail a million shoes to the White House?

But it gets worse. I was just listening to Thom Hartman's show. Thom toed the official line, calling Ahmadinejad "crazy" and expressing outrage that he would say such a thing, although he did point out that many Arabs DID believe that the neo-cons engineered 9-11 to manufacture consent for an attack on the oil and mineral rich countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, Thom. Again. Not just Arabs believe that!

But a caller from New York said that she had been at the UN and the speech was being reported WRONG by US corporate media.

Why does this shock me? Do I still have some semblance of belief in journalists? Why would I? I guess I do though.

She said that Ahmadinejad actually ran through the three main beliefs about 9-11. The "incompetent American/crafty Arab" scenario that is the official US story, the "let it happen", and the "made it happen" stories, and that he didn't say which one he personally believed in.

Her theory was that the false story was part of the propaganda for war against Iran that the US is clearly pushing. Conspiracy theory? I think not!

She wanted people to get the truth out there, and I am doing my part.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Voting Is Not Enough

Americans are assured that their civic duty consists of voting every four years. Super Americans vote every two years.

Some Americans have noticed that voting doesn't seem to make a difference. They have become radicalized, American version.

These are the Americans who scream "Voting isn't enough. We need to get into the streets!"

Then they apply for a permit, assemble on a weekend and walk along the approved streets holding signs.

Or they write letters to their congressmen, or sign online petitions, or boycott certain corporate products.

Many of these Americans are for peace, against environmental destruction, for government working for the good of the citizens.

So what happens when some citizens realize that the corporate-bought parties, the Democrats and Republicans, will NEVER go against their bosses, no matter how many people sign petitions? When these people organize themselves into a non-corporate party, and jump through the corporate parties's hoops, and run candidates for public office? Candidates that have other jobs, along with family responsibilities, and are trying to run for office in their "spare time"?

They are sneered at by the bystanders as "non-viable".

Apparently, some of the politically aware Americans, who actually pay attention to what is going on, and are alarmed enough to resist it, still are unable to bring themselves to vote for a Green, instead of a Dem or Repub.

They prefer to support the candidate who can win, (because that candidate has been bought by corporate money), and then beseech them not to do the job they were paid to do, which is to further enrich their bosses.

This is like standing outside of a prison with signs demanding that the prison guards release the prisoners. They aren't going to do that, they're paid to keep them in. So why would you write letters, or march in the streets to ask corporate paid politicians to legislate for the people, instead of their bosses?

I think that this is insane. But that is why I'm a Green.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

How Long?

Bush announced the end to "major combat operations" on May 1, 2003.

Obama announced the end of "our combat mission" on Aug. 31, 2010, seven years later.

Will the next president announce the end of "major occupation" in seven years, when US forces drop another 25,000 or so?

I was at work during the speech, and the only people who were watching Obama lie in real time were an African-American couple. Everyone else had something else on TV.

Just hearing snippets of the New Liar-in-Chief made me ill.

I didn't hear a word about the million dead Iraqis, the four million Iraqis in exile, the widows and orphans now left alone in a destroyed society, without clean water, subsidized food, electricity or sewage systems. The babies being born with horrendous birth defects, and the children dying of leukemia from the bombs that our heroes dropped on them.

The president slobbered all over the heroes, as a matter of fact, lauding their "service" to their country, totally disregarding the fact that more of them have come home and killed themselves than have died in Iraq.
Too bad for the kids who believed the bullshit until they were sent over to destroy a country and its people for the good of the US ruling class.

Then got home and found themselves in a slowly collapsing country and people.

Caused by the very same ruling class. What a coincidence.

Too bad that they didn't stay alive, join IVAW and fight for freedom and justice right here in the Homeland!

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