Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Making Americans Pay- A Modest Proposal

The Democrats have recalculated the cost of the Iraq invasion and occupation as about a trillion dollars, or $20,000 per American family, so far. We haven't paid it yet, of course. That's for our children and grandchildren.

There are those liberals who call for a resumption of the draft in order to stop the war. This always amazes me. Why would liberals be for what is clearly forced labor, combined with relocation, that is, government slavery? Their reasoning is even more bizarre. Their belief is that not enough Americans are dying to upset the rest of us. Their solution is to reinstate the draft so that enough young people will die to get the rest of us upset enough to stop the war. And these liberals consider themselves more moral than the conservatives who just want other people's children to die for profit. Of course, we all want to think of ourselves as moral, but the liberal chicken-hawks, willing to kill others for their twisted beliefs, don't qualify in my book.

Americans should pay for this war, but with money, not lives. Instead of spending your time trying to get forced conscription brought back, how about a pay-as-you-go war? Everyone knows that interest payments jack up the price of whatever you buy, so quit putting the occupation on a credit card. If everyone owes $20,000, make them pay now. I bet that would get more people against the war than forcing some people's children into the military. Of course, $20,000 is more than many people's annual income. So, let's make those who make more money pay more for the war. And no shelters. You want to occupy another country, you pay for it.

And, just for the hell of it, let's really get Americans' attention. All TV should have to be all-occupation-news, all the time. A big complaint of the troops is that no one in America even realizes a war is going on. The only way to make Americans notice something is to put it on TV. So Just Do It! Oh, and also no commercials.

If anyone complains about the constant war programming just point out that in Iraq, they don't even have electricity. (A version of I was sorry I had no shoes, until I met a man with no feet that I'm sure all will appreciate)

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