Monday, March 3, 2008

How Will Clinton Win In Ohio and Texas?

The horse race continues. I've pointed out before that our ruling overlords (as the Onion calls them), have to keep our attention focused on the meaningless race between the Democrats. It's my opinion that Clinton is the anointed one, but it wouldn't do to announce that in February or March. People might lose interest and start looking at the economy, the war or the environment.

So Obama won, then Clinton won, then Obama won a whole bunch!! Now Clinton has to win, but how to make it seem real, then Obama is on such a roll?

It's not like they can have her almost cry again. They already attributed the New Hampshire win to that one, improbable as it seems. Americans surely wouldn't fall for that story again.

Today it was announced that Obama's economic advisor told a Canadian official not to worry about Obama's rhetoric about NAFTA, that it was safe with him.

This is how they will explain Clinton's wins tomorrow in Ohio and Texas, two of the most anti-NAFTA states in the USA. She doesn't have to shed a tear this time.


Nader Enthusiast said...

annointed one is correct. I always thought it strange that she was picked - who has more baggage? I actually thought she would win at the convention because of the superdelegates, but you might be right.

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you call that one!