Friday, July 18, 2008

Lou Dobbs Is Afraid of Al Gore

Lou Dobbs has a radio show. Yesterday he starting bragging on Americans and their fearlessness, now being subverted by the not-lou dobbs-media.

He announced that we shouldn't be afraid of terrorists. We shouldn't be afraid of losing our jobs or our houses. We should stand up in courage, like real Americans.

Except for one thing we should be very very afraid of. Then he played a clip of Al Gore saying that we should switch to renewable energy, to thunderous applause from fearless Americans.

This upset Lou greatly. We should cower in fear at the thought of sustainable, renewable energy. We should be incensed that some Americans agree that we must quit, as Al Gore says - "Borrowing money from China to pay the Persian Gulf to buy oil, which causes harm to our environment when we burn it. All of this must change".

And people agree with this!

Scary!! Lou Dobbs is under his bed, sucking his thumb and whimpering, right now.

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Nader Enthusiast said...

You forgot to mention that Lou is most afraid of Mexicans. We will need them to teach us how to live on nothing.