Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Obama Doctrine

Liberals screamed in scorn when George W. Bush announced the "War on Terrorism".

They pointed out that terrorism is a tactic, not a country with an army that the US could go to war with.

But when Obama announces that we will fight evil(!) the silence is deafening.

Evil? Really? It's not even a tactic. It's a judgement. And we're now at war with it?

My judgement is that the country that spends the most on WMDs, that attacks other countries at will, that pollutes the Earth with depleted uranium and perchlorate and TCE, that maims and murders children and calls them collateral damage, that sends drones to assassinate people who have no means of self defense, that locks up millions of its own citizens and laughs about the rape that ensues in the cages:

If anyone should be judged "evil", that would be the best candidate.


Anonymous said...

When he compares the terrorists to Hitler and our country is occupying two going on three countries...well it strains the analogy.

I really hoped Obama might be a closet egalitarian, but he is free market/big business like everyone else since Carter.

wagelaborer said...

The US has used the "Hitler" reference ever since WWll, no matter how strained or ridiculous the reference.

I think the worst was when they used it on Milosevic in support of the Croatians, because the head of the Croatians was an actual collaborator with the actual Hitler Nazi regime, and the Serbs were killed by the hundreds of thousands by actual Nazis.

Talk about an impudent reversal of the truth, as Hitler would say.