Friday, January 1, 2010


I went to see Avatar yesterday.

Before I went, I read about US soldiers breaking down a door and killing 10 people in Afghanistan, including 8 children. The absolute horror of having massively armed terrorists breaking down your door in the middle of the night, and murdering your children, is something too terrible to contemplate, yet people in Iraq and Afghanistan have lived this nightmare for years now.

I then listened to NPR news, which was recycling the same manufactured terror of a wannabe that might have blown up a plane a week ago, if only he had had explosives and had been competent. Here we were a week later, still drumming up fake terror about what might have happened to Americans, while Americans were dishing out real terror to real people, unremarked upon, even by NPR, which then had a long commercial about how they provided "news" for intelligent people.

Then I went to see Avatar. Wow! There it is. The horrors that the US ruling class wreaks upon defenseless people, for the profit of the multinational corporations, from the viewpoint of those people. This is an incredible movie.

Weirdly enough, the National Guard had a long commercial before the movie, complete with the same music. Apparently, they have enough faith in the stupidity of American youth to totally miss the point of the movie to think that they'll get recruits!

An interesting part of the movie was when they (spoiler alert!!) destroyed the Home Tree. They made a point of saying that they needed to destroy the core columns. Hmmm. Then they showed the destruction of the Tree. Interestingly enough, although it started to look like the destruction of the WTCs, they didn't have the tree fall straight down in its own footprint, in a pile of splinters.

I wondered why. Then I realized.

This was a science fiction movie, but come on. You can't get too weird, or people will turn off.

Have a giant tree explode into splinters and fall into its own footprint at the speed of gravity?

That's just too unbelievable!


Canada Guy said...

I saw this movie over New Year's. It was kind of cool to see a movie where, essentially, you have the US military as the bad guys. Can you imagine the same story, but instead of the Na’vi, you had Iraqis or Afghanis or Vietnamese (or Native Americans)? There would be outrage, and the movie would probably never get made.

wagelaborer said...

I think that it was a (very) thinly veiled allegory of the US history of destruction of native peoples wherever they may be.

The US first destroyed the native tribal societies here, then moved on to other countries around the world, currently killing people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and many others that are not reported in the corporate media.

oakley said...

Hey. You wrote to me about how terrible circumcision is at JHK. I wasnt sure if you would see a reply since theres a new post now, but i wanted to answer to both comments. btw, I agree with your assessment of fake terror and the horror that this nation is visiting upon others in the name of terror.

I didnt make the decision to harm baby boys their mothers did...or fathers. I didnt require it or ask for it. I did say I thought it looked better and I do. For whatever cultural reason it has been done. I realize that makes me a jerk in your eyes; but in a culture that celebrates a womans right kill the least of we which is far more than removing a foreskin, where does that put me on the jerk-o-meter?

As to the matter of the chickens and the beetles...the japanese beetles seemed to congregate at the top of the bean vines. I knocked them down with a stick hoping the hens would get them but they flew away. So..I will try your method this summer.

Finally, thank you for being a nurse. My mom is in hospice now. A nice nurse comes in and changes her diapers and smooths her brow when I cannot. Its a difficult job and no you do not make enough.

wagelaborer said...

Oakley, I agreed with you on that point, if you noticed. I just don't think that's a reason to mutilate newborns.

I've seen hundreds of spontaneous abortions, the medical term for miscarriage. I would invite you to pick through the blood and tissue and find the "baby" you seem to think is there.

If god cares so much about fetuses, why do so many spontaneously abort?

Thanks for the compliment to nurses. And good luck with the Japanese beetles.