Monday, February 8, 2010

Anyone Who Loves Dogs and Kids

Americans frequently congratulate themselves on their loving, kind inner beings, most recently with the Haiti earthquake, where they brag about how much money the Red Cross collected in the name of the victims.

Never mind that the Red Cross has weathered major scandals about what they did with the millions they collected for 9-11 and Katrina victims. That, of course, is down the memory hole, so that the gullible can feel self-righteous when they pony up for Haiti.

Nothing touches hearts like a cute little face of a starving child. But if you ask why the child is starving? If you point out that the elected leader of Haiti was TWICE overthrown by US backed coups because he threatened to raise the minimum wage which would make it possible for the child's parents to buy food?

Then you're a communist, of course.

A frequent assertion is that animals in the US are treated better than people in other countries. This is usually referring to the pampered animals of the rich, and the fact that you don't see starving dogs picking through garbage in the US.

You don't see a lot of starving dogs picking through garbage in the US because we have a government program called Animal Control that picks the dogs up and kills them, along with millions of other unwanted dogs and cats.

And the lives of the millions of animals that we eat for food, of course, is pretty much unmitigated hell.

What of our kids? We love kids, just ask us. Especially the right wing Christians, who love kids so much they want to force women to take every fertilized egg to term.

Right-to-lifers love fetuses so much they're willing to kill for them.

But once they're born? Not so much. Then they're welfare cheats, free-loaders on hard-working Americans, potential threats who must be beaten into submission and jailed for life if necessary.

Other countries give paid maternity leave for years to new mothers. Those socialists!

American women, especially Republicans, brag about how they work until they go into labor, and then drop that infant off in day care mere weeks after they were cut out of their bodies. (C-sections are big money!)

A good mother is defined as one who can afford to have someone else raise her child. And buy matching furniture for the nursery, of course.

Yep, anyone who loves kids and dogs can't be all bad.


Anonymous said...


wagelaborer said...

Who was that?

Elizabeth Dole or a right-to-lifer?

David G. said...

Wage Laborer, you know your post really hit the mark when people start hurling vulgar language about. Well done!

We who see and want to change things have a lot to contend with, don't we?


Lew Scannon said...

If you remember the big issue in the 2008 campaign was not health care reform, not the failing economy, or ending the wars. No, the big issue was who wore flag lapel pins. Too many Americans think that by waving a flag or wearing some combination of red, white and blue they can magically cure our country because they loooove it so much, even as they shop for Chinese made goods at Wal Mart.
That being the case, they are also loathe to admit that this country is faltering, and if it is, it's not because they traded their future for the latest gadget, gizmo, or bauble, but because of "socialists" trying to deal with the over riding inequities of our economic system.
The result of this is that most people who would turn their back on fellow Americans down on their luck are the same people who will be spending the next two weeks cheering for athletes just because they are familiar with the flag on their uniform.

ryk said...

I'll second what David G. said. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Another great post.

Your regular anonymous - not that first wordsmith. What is a fuckstick? Something police use on poor people?

Ichabod said...

I like the post as to my little mind it shows us the hypocrisies and lies we deal with daily.

Pangolin said...

Out here in California we have fires. Every time there is a fire animal rescue teams roar into action with big, new, diesel pick-ups loaded with dog and cat boxes and towing horse trailers. The dogs are each given individual covered shelters and the cats are set up in break down cages.

The irony is that these rescue teams roar past thousands of homeless people on their way to rescue pampered pets. The pets are given much more private space in relation to body size than the homeless people that are given cots in dormitories at the shelters. Bed bugs, fleas and lice are epidemic at the people shelters and unknown at pet shelters.

Isn't AmeriKKKa great?