Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goons Killing Dogs

One of the stories that Dhar Jhamail told in his book, "Beyond the Green Zone" that affected me deeply was about US soldiers breaking into an Iraqi family's house, and when their dog did its job and barked at them, they shot it. The mother of the house was furious, and screamed at them, so they shot her, also.

I could relate to that woman. I love my dogs, and if armed goons shot one of them, I would not be able to accept it passively.

Here is a video of cops in Missouri, breaking down a family's door, and shooting their dogs.

The crime? Possession of marijuana. And after what looks to be 10 heavily armed men shoot their way through the house, they arrest the parents of the 7 year old, (who was present while they broke in, threw his dad on the floor, and killed his dogs), with the charge "child endangerment".

Why shoot the dogs? They were trying to protect their property from armed invaders. Clearly, in American terms, that made them bad guys. And terrorists, yeah, that's it. Maybe even, gasp, al Quaida! Wave the flag, folks. The heroes took out terrorist al-Quaida dogs!

Allowing the police to profit from stealing people's property is a recipe for oppression, and yet it goes on daily, unreported by the corporate media, who prefer to dwell on non-events like the Times Square non-explosion.

And setting up a paramilitary force in every town to enforce laws, especially laws against non-violent offenses, gives us proof that we live in a police state. Just because they haven't knocked your door down and shot your dog yet, doesn't prove that you are free.

Most Germans had absolutely no problems with the SS, either.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if the podcast is still available, but Terry Gross had a piece on Fresh Air about the crooked cops in Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

here is the transcript from the show I mentioned about Philly cops. The ones in Minneapolis were also in trouble. The one guy that was in trouble for shooting an unarmed brown person was on leave for awhile but then he was reinstated with back pay - so all he got was vacation.

Daro said...

I see the goons have stepped up to your challenge and have blown away a 7 year-old girl in another house raid. They're calling it a tragedy... sure is.

wagelaborer said...

Wow! Thanks for the extra information.

It is always amazing to me how little we know about what is going on around us.

Sometimes, I feel like Mr. Magoo. And I actually pay more attention than most Americans!

David G. said...

Hey, what's going on over there? Some dangerous signs are developing and the people seem to becoming restive and the authorities more heavy-handed and violent.

Perhaps it wouldn't take much now for the American people to rise up and take back their country.

Just a thought!

wagelaborer said...

Apparently the ruling class agrees with you, David G, and has the SS, oops, excuse me, the SWAT teams practiced and ready to go.

Americans ARE getting angry, and they're reeling around like drunks, trying to find someone to punch, while the ruling class watches from above, secure in the knowledge that the corporate media will keep the focus off of them.