Friday, July 22, 2011

Terrorist Attack in Norway

Breaking news is that Norway is undergoing multiple terrorist attacks, of unknown origin.

The US announces that Norway doesn't have strong enough "security", and that is why they were attacked.

On September 11, 2001, I turned on ABC News to watch the coverage of the terrorist attacks.

I watched for one hour, and then a talking head (whom I did not recognize, and I don't remember his name) announced that the reason that the US was attacked was that we were "too free" and that that was going to change.

I turned off the TV in disgust. The US too free? What a crock!

The loonies were coming out.

But now I see that the man was prescient. Of course he was. That was the plan all along.

Now I know that the 9-11 attacks were carried out by US operatives, with the intention of scaring the American people into accepting homeland repression and military aggression.

I am willing to bet that the Norway attacks are being carried out by US operatives, with the intention of scaring the Norwegians into accepting homeland repression and buying US tools of oppression, such as the Michael Chertoff pornoscanners, and police weapons.

Update : Glenn Greenwald points out that Norway resisted and refused to go along with calls (including from the New York Times) for greater repression in Norway.


Anonymous said...

From the Beeb:

"At least 16 people are reportedly killed as Norway is hit by a huge bomb in the capital, Oslo, and a shooting at a Labour Party youth camp."

Five will get you fifty that it's a Right-Wing nutjob who's convinced himself that he's going to start a general uprising against the evil leftists and darkies.

Oklahoma City attack Norwegian style.

The older I get the more I'm convinced that what passes for conservatism in modern times is simply mental illness. Narcicism, xenophobia, sociopathy all wound up in tight little bundle and promoted for profit.

Ken Hoop said...

Unclear who did it, but a government which co-operates with the Zionist-dominated US government in warring, but which allows Moslem immigration in their own country is begging for retribution.

Li said...


One thing to note was this was a right-wing Christianist! so far killing 91 people in the shooting and 7 in the bombing!

Do our operatives really want a terrorist act carried out by a Right winger?--is that the PR they want to put out?

Look, we may not have been behind it, but I know that our intelligence experts want to jump on this, in any case.

Who knows, maybe the Norwegians will be our latest consumers of security devices from our Security industry!

We've moved beyond the Military Industrial complex to the Militry-Security Complex--lots o' money to be made.

Skelitor (Chertoff) can't wait to sell those x-ray machines.

ps Wage, How is your dog fairing?

Anonymous said...

Metafilter had an interesting discussion on home grown right wing terrorism.

Lots of groups are more subtle. Enemies are price-gouged and harassed in lots of ways. When our military says they are psychologically fighting Iran through "fear, paranoia and confusion," who can doubt they would use the same techniques on their imagined domestic foes - those liberal elements that believe in equal justice for all instead of "divine rights of kings"?

Flimsy Sanity

wagelaborer said...

Well, anonymous, you nailed it! Turns out it was a right-wing extremist.

I still wonder, though, how one person managed to kill 92 people without help.

Thanks for asking about my dog, Li. She died last Monday. I've been kind of depressed about it, although she wasn't happy being paralyzed the last four weeks.

I got my dog from my right wing co-worker, Joan Nichols', sister.

When the Oklahoma City bombing took place, Joan got into my face, screaming that it was liberals like me who were to blame.

Imagine my delight when her husband's cousin was indicted!

On 9-11, she was a bit more measured, saying that maybe it was Muslim terrorists, but, then again, maybe not!

She may be a right-winger, but I'm very grateful for the 14 years I had my dog, so I forgive her.