Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pay No Attention to The Man Behind the Curtain

The media is in full damage control mode. Who are these people in the Occupy movement who insist on pointing at the 1% as the source of our economic problems? How dare they talk about economic inequality!

This is not the way the ruling class prefers to run the show.

We are meant to be distracted by the puppets, and pay no attention to the puppeteers.

And the latest puppet show is in full swing, with weekly debates, fully televised and commented on, by the Republican wing of the corporate party.

While many people fell into their assigned roles of arguing about relative stupidity of the participants in the race, or laughing at the gaffes made in the debates, others refused to play, and turned their attention to the worsening circumstances of the majority of people in this country.

This must scare the ruling class. Sure, the Occupy movement is made up of peaceful people, but what about the Tea Party?

Observers have commented on the lack of concern showed by the police about armed Tea Party protesters, while Occupy people have been attacked, beaten and arrested.

What if the Tea Party people turn their anger from individual politicians and toward those who buy them?

The fear of that is driving the media push to deflect the attention of Americans back toward the politicians. Listen to the talking heads and it becomes very clear.

The military detention law just passed by Congress serves to turn the anger back to the politicians, and also to setup a framework for destroying any organized movement that may develop as Americans become more and more impoverished. They've got it covered!


Anonymous said...

No one can predict the future. I find it interesting that democracy is spreading throughout the world at the same time it is disappearing here...though in truth it never really existed when freshmen legislators are not allowed to participate in any meaningful way, Washington DC has no representation, gerrymandering, winners of popular elections do not take power, etc.

david g said...

Watching the farce called the Presidential Elections is both amusing and distressing. It's no wonder America gets so many duds as Presidents and politicians.

Big money and Circuses are talking as they always do while democracy takes a backseat!

God Help America!

Fowl Ideas said...

It's all just Chicken Soup for the Terrorist Soul.