Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dinosaurs and the Mammals

We are told that mammals evolved during the dinosaur era, but were small and few. When the meteor took out the dinosaurs, the mammals flourished.

Faced with the overwhelming control of our country and others by the giant multi-national corporations, many people are responding by forming small cooperative ventures in the belly of the beast.

Organic farmers, food co-ops, small manufacturing concerns - all are very good things.

We must switch to locally produced energy, food, goods and services, with trade on a smaller scale than the giant supply lines that the multi-nationals use.

But it's not enough to gather together and create people-sized organisms, as long as the multi-national dinosaurs continue to trample the lands, people, animals, fish, air and water of the planet.

The national government of the United States has been turned into a feeding trough for the dinosaurs, enabling their greater growth. The military is used to attack national governments who refuse to go along with their agenda. The repressive apparatus of the government is being strengthened and widened in preparation for the possibility of open rebellion by the people against them.

We small creatures will never survive unless the power of the multi-nationals is destroyed. The only power large enough to stop them is the US government.

That is why I am running for Congress. Someone has to stop voting more money to the corporations. Someone has to vote against throwing more people into prison. Someone has to stop funding endless wars and Homeland Repression. Someone has to vote to overturn the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and all the other repressive legislation.

It is the duty of the people of Southern Illinois to send someone to Congress who will stand for freedom of human citizens of the United States. Someone who will oppose corporate personhood and vote to stop corporate welfare. Someone who will support local initiatives which increase community independence and self reliance.

Then it is the duty of other communities in the United States to do the same.

There are good people in Congress, but they stand alone. I want to stand with them.

With enough Congresspeople who are willing to stand for real human Americans, and against corporate predation, we can stop the power of the multi-nationals and build a better human society.


Anonymous said...

You DO it! Come hell or high water, you try. Win or lose. Damn, I'm proud of you. Also excited. Go.

wagelaborer said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement.

We'll see how much the corporate media will cover my campaign.

david g said...

The corporate media is the enemy of us all, Wagelaborer.

All they do is to promote more greed and more borrowing and downplay the benefits of community and caring and sharing.

If everyone withdrew from supporting the MSM, we'd all be better off.

Take care!

david g said...

P.S. I couldn't imagine any better person in Congress than you! You'd keep the bastards honest.

wagelaborer said...

I figure if the people of South America could struggle through dictatorships, repression and lack of democracy and make a better society, then we in the US, with the forms (however hollow) of democracy, can do the same.