Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Running for Congress

For Congress!

Today, as Ralph Nader put it, “Washington, D.C. is corporate-
occupied territory.” But we, the people, can – and must –
fight back. We must elect representatives to Congress who
will truly be representatives for us, not the corporate elite and
big banking interests that buy political results with campaign
contributions, Super-PACs and an army of lobbyists.

Wage will be a true representative of the people. A
registered nurse by profession and long-time advocate for
peace and social progress, she is a true working-class
candidate. As a candidate of the Green Party, she is guided by its principles and values. With your support, Wage will
lead the fight for a government devoted to preserving the commons, protecting the environment, restoring civil rights and
freedoms, and serving the public good.

Here are some of the things Wage stands for:

Restore Our Rights and Freedoms

Congress has abdicated its oath to protect the Constitution and voted for numerous freedom-stripping bills -- from the
Patriot Act of 2001, through the Military Commissions Act, Homegrown Terrorism Act, Protect America Act, and now
the National Defense Authorization Act. Wage will work to repeal these laws and defend your rights and freedoms.

Stop Corporate Welfare

Corporate politicians and media keep perpetuating the myth that massive tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent will
somehow create jobs and allow wealth to trickle down to us – even though this has been tried for 30 years and hasn’t
worked. It has instead led to rising poverty, mass unemployment and closed factories -- while the wealthy corporate
owners sit on literally trillions of dollars that they cannot profitably invest, and the vast majority of working people
shoulder unprecedented tax burdens. Wage says: No more tax giveaways to the rich and no more public subsidies and
giveaways to the corporations.

No American Empire

All empires fall, usually from overextension. The U.S. has over 700 military bases around the world, and the stated
goal of the U.S. military is “full spectrum dominance” of the globe. Not only is this impossible, it's illegal and immoral.
How can we teach our children that bullying is wrong, and kindness and generosity good, when we live in a country
that operates under the principle that we must dominate all other people and resources of the world? Our military should
protect our country, within our geographic borders. Wage will oppose all illegal wars, bombings, assassinations and drone
attacks. Occupy Wall Street – yes. Occupy Afghanistan – no.

Protect Americans; Promote Economic Security

Americans are now subjected to the terrors of unemployment, homelessness, poverty, hunger, record levels of
imprisonment and massive cuts to education, unemployment benefits, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps. Thirty years
of attacks on unions and the public sector has devastated U.S. workers. Corporations are blowing up mountains, poisoning
rivers and wells, and dumping toxins into the air. Mercury and lead in the water cause brain damage, while sulfur dioxide
in the air causes some children to suffocate with asthma. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires and droughts are bringing
global climate instability home, while Congress ignores reality and pretends that we can somehow return to the days of
cheap gas and no consequences for burning it. SWAT teams kick in doors every night, and the police attack peaceful

protesters, while Wall Street loots pension funds with impunity. Meanwhile, we are told that the biggest threat to our well-
being is a chance of a passenger with a bomb on an airplane -- so travelers on planes are irradiated and groped, while
freight is loaded below them without such screening.

Wage will stand up against the real threats to our well-being – the exploiters, polluters and oppressors. While most of
Congress and the corporate media tell us that we “can’t afford” to fund education, public works and public services
any more, the Federal Reserve almost instantaneously created $16 trillion to give to Wall Street bankers and we waste
hundreds of billions of dollars on wars and illegal occupations of other nations. The top 1% of Americans own more
wealth than the lowest 90 percent combined. The notion that we “can’t afford” to meet our needs is a big lie.

Wage supports the National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011, which would shift control of our money
supply and monetary policy back to Congress, in keeping with Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. It would
nationalize the Federal Reserve and take the power to create money away from private banks by curtailing the fractional
reserve system. Instead, money would be spent into circulation by paying workers directly to perform socially necessary
services. Wage also supports ending the colossal waste of militarism and war, and taxing financial speculation, to provide
the additional revenue needed to provide economic security.

It is absurd that millions of workers are unemployed while others are overworked and there is so much necessary work
to do. It is ridiculous that homes sit vacant while so many Americans are homeless. It is unconscionable that people go
without health care while private health insurers rake in record profits. These are not unsolvable problems – if we have the
political will to tackle them.

Back to Basics

“The Earth has enough to provide for our needs, but not enough to provide for our greed.” -- Ghandi

Americans are now being urged to sacrifice the air, water and topsoil of our country in order to blow out the last
remaining bits of fossil fuels for the current generation. That is madness. We must be concerned with the kind of world
our children and future generations will inherit. We must live sustainably in order that others may also live, now and in
the future. Humans need air, water and food to survive. We need clothing and shelter to be comfortable. We need health
care, education, renewable energy and transportation to be prosperous.

Caring for future generations begins with caring for today’s children. Every child born should be a wanted child. A
national health care system unconnected to employment could not only provide quality care for all, it would make
birth control, abortion and voluntary sterilization free and easily available. Those who choose to become parents need
education and support to help get their children off to a good start in life. We need mothering centers, where new mothers
can learn from others, children can play together, and moms can learn how to stimulate their children's intellectual
abilities. Newborn babies need nurturing but the U.S. is one of only three countries in the world which doesn't provide
paid maternity leave. Wage will introduce legislation establishing 18 months paid maternity leave. We need daycare
centers staffed with educated and kind caretakers for when parents go back to work. We must recognize that education
begins at home and that schools can’t make up for lack of parental involvement.

“I believe that Americans are a kind and generous people. I believe that we are capable
of creating a kinder, gentler nation that cares for its people, nurtures its children and
provides for its elderly. I believe that a small minority of greedy, immoral people have
taken control of our economy and bought our elected officials, but that the majority can
take it back. That is why I am running for Congress.”


Being There said...

Great mission statement, Wage.
Good articulation of all that's got to be changed.

Hope you win the election!!
You should by a landslide--but there are many people in this country living an alternative reality.

wagelaborer said...

Thank you. I plan to spread this message as widely as possible.

But, as Noam Chomsky says, Americans are lied to so routinely that when someone tells the truth, they are looked at as being from the planet Neptune.

Mətušélaḥ said...

I prefer Mars. But you're right. :D

Best success on your endeavor.