Saturday, September 26, 2015

Years ago, while in nursing school, I did a rotation at a mental hospital. I was sitting with a paranoid schizophrenic, one day, when he pointed across the large open common area, at a woman sitting with another patient.

"You see her? She's out to get me. But I'm going to get her first", he told me.

Wow, that was chilling. I imagined how it would be to be targeted by someone and you wouldn't even know it, until they attacked you, for no reason.

It took me more years to realize that the USA is a giant insane asylum, and that the inmates are deliberately made paranoid schizophrenic, in order to further the goals of our ruling overlords.

Vietnam is going to get us! Nicaragua is only a day's drive from Texas! Iraq is going to fly nuclear bombs to the US on drones! Russia invaded Ukraine and we're next! Americans are bombarded, daily, with propaganda designed to make us afraid of other people, and ready to kill them before they kill us.

Imagine being a citizen in one of the targeted countries. You have no idea, at first, that you are a target. Why would you be? You have done nothing. But then the bombs start to fall, and your family is killed, or forced out of your homes, to be refugees.

Medea Benjamin, of Code Pink, talked about going to Afghanistan, to a hospital filled with the victims of the US attack. One woman asked her "Who did this to me?" She told her "The Americans, from America". The woman said "What is America?" Like Americans, who have no idea where the countries are that they are bombing, she had never heard of our country.

Throughout the years, I have dealt with many more psychotic people and I know that you cannot reason with a person in full-blown psychosis. They are incapable of hearing reason or logic.

So, now the US is targeting, among others, Russia. Putin is baffled, and unable to understand how anyone could twist facts so much. "Doesn't anyone even listen to us?" he asks, plaintively. It is sad, watching a rational person try to appeal to logic and reason.

Sorry, Putin. Sorry, Russia. Americans are now so conditioned, so crazy, that we hate on command. It takes fewer and fewer weeks to work us up into a killing frenzy.

Charlie Manson never actually killed anyone, you know. He just inspired others to do so. That would be the function of Obama, Bush, Kerry and the talking heads on TV.

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