Friday, February 3, 2017

The Great Mystery of Heroin

After the USA invaded and occupied Afghanistan, the production of heroin increased exponentially. They now provide 95% of the world's heroin, all under the noses (and watchful eyes) of the US military.
Then, thousands of tons of heroin is shipped all over the world, including the USA, where it is distributed in every city and every small town in America. one makes the connection.
No one asks why our 17 spy agencies can't see the thousands of tons of heroin moving across the world and to every town. The only blame placed is on the street level distributors in the inner cities, and when they fight over market share (as low level salesmen tend to do under capitalism), we are told that we just can't understand why there are so many gun deaths in our cities.
And we just can't understand why there are so many heroin overdoses in our country. And we are told that the answer is not to stop the production and distribution of heroin, but to provide Narcan to every small town in America.
Why would that be? Would it be that drug sales are so very, very lucrative to our Deep State?


Anonymous said...

You say much that is true. It is good to hear. Unlike you, I am bad with words. Bad with computers too. Always look forward to your writings and thoughts. Very refreshing. Thank you.

John Neathammer said...

So, the American government sells drugs (on a grand, but clandestine scale) to fuel it's gigantic and pointless wars. While tiny "grass" salesmen go to prison for life. In Vietnam, it was necessary to "destroy the village in order to save it." Madelaine Albright can kill thousands of Arab children, but (in protest to Trump) become a symbolic Muslim. Christ! No wonder that I drink all the time. How can I fight such double-think? How can you? But please, please fight on Wage.