Sunday, September 23, 2007

MTV watching

So I'm watching TV on a Sunday and I watch like 2 weeks of a show "So you think you can dance". It's one of those shows that have dancers competing and getting thrown off one at a time. I actually think that these shows are put on to desensitize viewers to other people's pain and embarrassment while they are being humilated. But that's not my point today.
This one had a number where they danced to a song called "Waiting for the world to get better". And they wore shirts with peace signs on them. And at the end, they flashed a peace sign. I thought, well, that's something you don't see on TV much.
Damn straight. The next show started with mea culpas, and apologies and heartfelt expressions of support for the troops and declarations of respect for our boys in uniform, etc, etc, etc.
We don't need to bother with show trials in America. Americans don't have the attention span for that. Someone clearly called those folks in and tried, judged and sentenced them to recite their patriotic mantras.
One of the judges was British, and he did the whole, "our countries are fighting together" thing. But he expressed a little puzzlement that people could object so strongly to words like, peace, and love, and humility.
Hah! He hasn't been in America long. Expressing desire for peace is a major thought crime, unless it's Christmas time. At Christmas, you can call for a vague peace on earth, but you can't be specific, for pete's sake. Christmas is for worshipping the Prince of Peace, and buying lots of stuff, not actually trying to live in peace , or anything as subversive as that.

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