Thursday, August 7, 2008

How Will the American Empire End?

Americans brag that we fought a war to end slavery. Well, some of us did. Some of us fought a war to preserve slavery. Anyway, what's the big deal about that? Other countries simply outlawed slavery, no war necessary.

Americans are self-righteous about other country's mistreatment of minorities. South Africa's apartheid, Israel's oppression of Palestinians, Russia's problem with Chechyna. My, they treat the original inhabitants badly! The US doesn't have that problem. The survivors of the original peoples of this continent are few, isolated, and not mentioned when pointing fingers at other countries.

Other countries have lost their empires. Rome, Spain, Turkey, Russia, England. They adjusted. What will the US do?

I have a bad feeling about this.

The only country to use the atomic bomb, the country that has killed millions of people since WW2 for the crime of wanting a better life, the country with the biggest military in history - are we just going to give up and let the next empire rise? Or are we going to try to take the world down with us?

Monday Aug. 11 Addendum:That didn't take long! Georgia, on Russia's border, and part of it for 200 years, with a US backed government, flush with American and Israeli weapons and training, attacked a province of Russians which seceded from Georgia years ago. Russia invaded to protect it's people and interests. Now the US corporate media is screaming that Russia invaded Georgia!

Apparently, the US is going to take the world down with us.

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