Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama/Biden "We Will Bring Change" (In the Targets we Saber Rattle Against)

Biden gave a revealing speech last night. The excerpts I watched on Democracy Now today made me nauseous. I was cursing the TV as if it was Bush himself speaking idiocy, instead of the Vice agent of "hope and change".

It's not just that he mouthed the mandatory mantra about the "War on Terror". I didn't expect either of the corporate candidates to challenge that nonsense. It is forbidden speech to question how the largest military machine in the history of the planet can wage war on a noun. And putting more cops on the street? Did he see the streets of Denver? How can more cops fit on the streets?

And Obama has already threatened to attack Pakistan and called for more troops to Afghanistan, so that is expected.

But the saber rattling against China, India, and special guest villain, Russia, was outrageous. He claimed, and I quote, "Russia challenging the very freedom of a new democratic country of Georgia". And " we will hold Russia accountable for its action and we will help Georgia rebuild". And the crowd went wild! Are they nuts? Biden wants to send a billion dollars to help support the US puppet dictator, Sakashvilli, maintain his hold over the people of Georgia. The US is playing a very dangerous game with Russia, building bases all around it, placing missiles on its borders, supporting a government that actually killed Russian soldiers!

Sane people are appalled by these actions. But the Democrats waved their placards and cheered.

Biden claims to know that al-qaida is regrouping in Afghanistan and is planning more attacks. Really? If our bloated national security spy system knows that, why can't they stop it? It's sure not for lack of torture. What do our billions of dollars pay for? Or is this a trailer of coming attractions? 9-11 worked to bring the country in line for Bush. They couldn't have another attack under Bush (not counting the anthrax, which was an admitted inside job). But they sure can have another under a Democrat.

Not mentioned in the speech - Joe Biden supported the US attack on Yugoslavia, get this, to stop Serbia from preventing a breakaway province from seceding. Ironic? I think so. Shameless? Republican quality shamelessness.

Joe Biden announced that the government of Sudan attacking its own citizens made it lose its right to sovereignty! But not the government of Georgia.

Joe Biden supported the US attack on Iraq. And he arrogantly calls for breaking Iraq into 3 separate countries, which calls for massive ethnic cleansing (now being completed by the Bush team). (See Yugoslavia, above).

The Obama/Biden team pretend that the US is still able to bend the world to its will. Reality has no more hold upon their grand plans than it does on Bush's.

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Nader Enthusiast said...

Democrats are always trying to prove they are not the "mommy" party and are just as masculine as the Republicans and they actually start more wars. New boss same as the old boss, no matter who gets in.