Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chelsea is a Dog. Bristol is Off-Limits

My mom reminded me that the Republicans in the 90s, including Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain, amused their bullying fans by ridiculing Chelsea Clinton's looks. Rush Limbaugh and the other grown-up frat boy jocks were cruel enough to try to attack their political opponent by demolishing his daughter's teenaged self-esteem.

Everyone should know how fragile a teenagers ego is. It is truly beneath contempt for an adult to belittle someone's child for entertainment or political gain.

But the media which allowed without comment the pile-up on Chelsea, is sternly announcing that commenting on Bristol is off-limits. Now we're going to have some sensitivity, when it's a Republican teenager. And, of course, no one was attacking Bristol, just her mother's politics and religion, as illustrated by the results.

My mom told me that the Republicans did the same thing to Margaret Truman in the 1940s, as they did to Chelsea in the 90s. What is it with Republicans? Do you have to be a jerk to join the Party?

And what kind of a mother would hug and praise the monster that attacked her child so cruelly? Hillary betrayed her only child when she kissed up to McCain. And for what? She got dumped for Brzezinski's buddy Barack, and mothers throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Russia will be crying for their children when those boys are through.

Although, really, insulting someone's child is nothing compared to kidnapping and holding hostage pre-teen children to force their father to comply.

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Nader Enthusiast said...

The Republicans are evil bullies and if you cry, you are a whiny baby.

As novelist Amoz Oz said, "
It may sometimes be hard to define good, but evil has its unmistakable odor. Every child knows what pain is. Therefore, each time we deliberately inflict pain on another we know what we are doing. We are doing evil."