Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Wide Gulf Between Democrats and Republicans

Many have pointed out that while Americans can choose between dozens of brands of cereal or detergent, we are sternly restricted to two choices for President. Americans who refuse to pick one of the two are excoriated roundly by their fellow citizens, who accuse them of being responsible for every bad thing that happens in the administration of whoever won.

The differences between the two official parties were made crystal clear, though, in the recent convention proceedings. Truly, this is a choice we can believe in!

When Obama talked about offshore drilling and the need for clean coal and nuclear power, the Democrats didn't clap. But when Palin and McCain talked about offshore drilling, and the need for coal and nuclear power the Republicans did clap. This is a clear difference.

Of course, when Obama talked about the need for solar, wind and biofuel energy, the Democrats did clap. But so did the Republicans, when Palin talked about the need for solar, wind, geothermal and other alternative energy sources. So, that's a draw.

Both parties are for education! And both cheer when their candidates saber rattled - Obama against Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Russia, McCain against Iraq, Iran and Russia. Both, of course, against alQuaida, wherever they may be.

And, for some reason, both parties speak of individual embattled Americans by name, both to point out their misfortune and to announce that life should really be better for these people.

No major media covered the Green Party Convention, and only C-Span showed Cynthia McKinney's acceptance speech. But Cynthia McKinney didn't call for offshore drilling, or more coal, or more nuclear power plants. She didn't call for attacking Iran, or Pakistan, or for sending more troops to Afghanistan. She didn't make promises to go get Osama "in the cave where he lives". She is also for education, but not in a "laid off workers should educated themselves" kind of way. She calls for free education for all, including college education for qualified applicants. She sure isn't mainstream enough for Americans to vote for! We have to have bluster, and empty promises, or the candidate is not considered viable.

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