Thursday, October 30, 2008

If You Have a Hammer, Everything Must Be a Nail

Chinese media is discussing a Rand Report which calls for another, bigger, better war to stave off the impending recession according to the Alex Jones radio show. Apparently, the Chinese feel they may be targets. I have felt the same thing for a while. Here we are, totally dependent on China for our trinkets and other, more necessary commodities, not to mention that their loans keep us financially afloat, and we're trash talking them like a pro wrestler before a match. That makes absolutely no sense, unless the US plans to pay back the loans with cruise missiles - delivered by air.

Or,maybe the potential target is Russia. The attack by Georgia on Russian peacekeeping troops in South Ossetia was a major provocation by any rational (that is, non-corporate media) standards. Russia made the connection, difficult as it was for American media, between US troops training Georgian troops in the use of American weapons in the months before the invasion, and the actual invasion.

Russian warships were then sent to Venezuela, home of Bush's arch-enemy, Hugo Chavez. What would President Diablo (as Hugo and I refer to Bush) do?

OIl prices have now dropped to new lows. They are spinning it as a reaction to the coming recession, but is that it? Russia AND Venezuela are dependent on oil for their balance of payments. Low oil prices in the 80s helped bring the USSR to an end. Could it bring down two of the Sulfur-Smelling One's enemies now?

The economic attack on Russia, plus the physical threats, the missiles on the borders, the addition of Soviet Bloc countries into NATO, the continual propaganda against Russia put out by the corporate media (supplied by the Pentagon?), all add up to serious provocation. Why?

Is it possible that the solution to hopeless debt and looming recession in the USA will be war? Well, 60 years of increasing militarization of our previously isolationist population, trillions of dollars spent on weapons of mass destruction, years of bellicose foreign policy and saber rattling, rather predispose us to killing our way out of problems.

Add to this Biden warning big money contributors to Obama that they will not like what Obama will do once in office, and I'd place a bet that the US is getting ready to blow up big chunks of our planet to avoid paying its debts.

But I don't personally bet. That is done for me by the Congress.

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Nader Enthusiast said...

I worry about the same thing. War got us out of the last depression and another could cancel our debts. Excellent links - thanks.