Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Visitor From Pakistan

  I went to the Illinois Green Party state meeting and met a charming man from Pakistan.  He started the Pakistan Green Party in 2002 and they already have 165 elected representatives. 
  I have proportional representation envy!
  He came to the US to tell Americans about the drone attacks on Pakistani civilians.  Over 900 had been killed at the time of the meeting, with a million people driven from their homes in fear.  He thought that we could tell Congress to put a stop to it!   This was an absurd thought to we   Americans.  
   Congress listening to the people they purportedly represent?  As if!  Where did he get these ideas?
   He said that if the USA really wanted peace in the region, we would encourage talks between Iran, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Iraq.  Peace?  Why would he think that the US government wants peace?
   Then he said that the people of Pakistan are confused as to why Americans are attacking them.  They believe that Americans are rich and happy, so why would they want to kill other people?
   Again, where do they get these ideas?  
   I remember seeing a bereaved Iraqi father crying on TV.  His wife and children had been killed.  He was saying, "This is the democracy you bring us?"  (Translated by FSTV. I don't speak Arabic).
   I was amazed.  Where did he get the idea that the USA was bringing Iraq democracy?  Isn't this just the crap they feed us?  Why would an Iraqi entertain such nonsense for even a minute?  And to lose your entire family, and appeal to the better nature of the murderers?  To entertain the possibility that they meant well?  This is bizarre!
   Apparently, the American propaganda system is strong enough to influence world opinion against all reality.  Although progressives cling to the belief that oppressed peoples of the world see US imperialism for what it is, I don't think so.  They are just as deluded as we are.
   I am not dissing Mr. Ali.  I was impressed with his passion and intelligence.  I am just marveling at the ability of US corporate interests to create their own reality, and to convince the people of the world that America is prosperous, free and democratic.  

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