Saturday, May 2, 2009

When Pigs Fly

So the USA has forgotten the bail-out scandal. We are caught up in the swine flu scare! Someone in America died from the new flu, so we all have to wear masks and haul our kids to the ER to get tested. The government is making arrangements for forced vaccines and mandatory quarantines, but close the border? To quote Janet Napolitano, "That's like locking the barn door after the horse is gone".

WTF????? This is another mind-boggling inconsistency. Like 9-11, where we are told that oil rich terrorists attacked our country, so let's buy SUVs and go on vacation, we are told Mexico is the source of a brand new flu which is putting us all in eminent danger, and we must close schools and quarantine victims, but stop the flow into and out of the supposed source? No, that's just silly.

And the new flu, which is a mixture of swine, bird and human viruses, has never been seen before. They were calling it "swine flu", but pressure from the pork industry made them change the name. They called it "swine" because there are 2 swine viruses present, in addition to one bird and one human. Of course, no pigs or birds are actually sick in Mexico. And one of the swine viruses is of US orgin and one is Eurasian. Hence, the title of my post. Somehow, pigs from 2 continents met and mingled viruses. Apparently, the long awaited "when pigs fly" has arrived! And I guess while they were flying, they picked up the bird virus. Soon, hell will freeze over.

But we have heard this story before. Back when AIDS was first identified, they referred to it as a virus which had never been seen before. Apparently, it, too, was a mixture of different viruses. Although a biowarfare researcher had testifed before Congress in 1969, asking for funds to continue the work on a new virus, "a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired", anyone making a connection between the biowarfare research and the AIDS epidemic is called a conspiracy theorist. No, the "truth" is that AIDS was in Africa for decades, but no one ever noticed it. But they found some blood stored in a freezer since 1959. The freezer had never been cleaned, it functioned for decades and the power never went off, so they tested the blood and, by George, it had AIDS! Well, that proves it! And then a Swedish flight attendant went to Africa and had sex with infected people and then he went to San Francisco, New York and Haiti and had sex with people there. And then, in the 80s, it was noticed in Africa. And Brazil. I don't know the official story for how it got to Brazil next. It doesn't matter. You must believe what they tell you, or you are a crazy conspiracy theorist.

So here we are in 2009. Pigs that aren't sick and birds that aren't sick have spread widely dispersed viruses to humans, or so we are told. And the humans getting sick are widely geographically dispersed. Don't ask questions or you're a conspiracy theorist. Buy some Tamiflu. Rumsfield needs the money. And when they announce that they've made a vaccine, be sure to take it. Although this flu doesn't seem very lethal, they're been working on others.

They have announced that the 1918 flu had a spring debut, and then returned in the fall for it's most lethal performance. They have announced that making a vaccine will take six months. Hmmm, just in time for the return performance of the new swine flu. And, by the way, the 1918 flu was called a swine flu until recently, when it was decreed a bird flu. I'm not sure when the change was made, maybe when they recently dug up a flu victim preserved in permafrost and replicated the virus that killed her?

But I'm making connections that can't be made, talking trash and thinking forbidden thoughts.