Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Brother Makes Sure You Deserve Health Care

Yesterday, I noticed the ER Business Office had added cameras that literally looked like eyes, on eyestalks, at each desk. I asked what was up with that?

Well, it turns out that the hospital is concerned that some unworthy people might be getting treatment that they don't deserve. Some people who are ill, and don't have money or insurance, are borrowing other people's Medicaid cards and seeing doctors when they can't afford it! This, of course, must stop. Only people with money or insurance are allowed to see doctors in this country. The Congress and the President say so. And the hospital is spending more money to survey all its patients, to catch the few undeserving sick.

Congress is dealing with people's lack of money to buy insurance by passing a law to make it illegal. As someone pointed out, maybe they should deal with the homeless people living under bridges by passing a law that they must buy houses.

When my sister was in New Zealand, she needed to go to an ER for stitches. They treated her without retina scans, or ID, or billing info. They just took care of her. An alien!! For free!

This is absolutely unheard of in America. The right wing accuses the Congress of possibly allowing non-Americans to buy health insurance and the "liberals" respond by denying it heartily. No one in America defends the right to health care for all.

No one in America defines "health care" as access to doctors and nurses. "Health Care' is defined as insurance buying, although everyone knows that insurance companies deny claims, demand large deductibles and co-payments, and find pre-existing conditions at will.

I think that the next time there is a typhoon in the Phillipines, or a hurricane in Pakistan, and the rest of the world is sending doctors and supplies, the US should send insurance agents.

If it's good enough for us, it's good enough for them.


Anonymous said...

WOW don't have to worry about dying when you hit the ER. Just worry that the seeing all camera will let you in. I keep getting amazed at in-humane and legalistic our systems keep getting.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend, how are you !! I just came to say hi to you and to support your site !! Do you still go to Information Clearinghouse website?

Take care

God bless you, and God protect us from the evil satanic capitalism. We have to pray for a socialist christian system in USA !!


wagelaborer said...

Well, the camera isn't connected to the care providers, of course. We don't see the people. Some bureaucrat does, I guess.

And thanks, marxist-socialist, for saying hi. I do still go to the ICH website. It has good info.

Anonymous said...

Another thing about insurance - whenever there are big claims, they cry to the government, i.e. airlines got government to pay for 9-11, AIG got government to bail them out, all the hoopla about insurances not paying Katrina victims etc. The corps even got the government to pay for pension insurance. Now FDIC is broke because they lowered the premiums banks used to pay. Insurances used to be required to keep 60% of their premiums to pay out claims, but not anymore. Imagine if an epidemic hit US - the insurances would scream for Auntie Sam. Deregulation is great, huh? Flimsy

ryk said...

No one in America defines "health care" as access to doctors and nurses. "Health Care' is defined as insurance buying...

When simple truths like that get lost in the noise of the debate, we the people have already lost. Sigh.