Monday, June 28, 2010

City Government-As Annoying as the Rest

I believe that we, the people, should organize and make life better for all, I really do. And I believe that government should be that voice and power, really!

But, jeez, these people in no way represent me, or my fellow Americans. They seem to exist only to funnel money to construction companies and agents of repression.

Thus, my letter to the editor-

To the Editor,

Apparently our city government is incapable of determining cause and effect and foreseeing the consequences of their actions. But shouldn't the Carbondale Times make the obvious connections?

One week you report on the city's budget crisis, said to be caused by police and fire pensions. The mayor wanted to sell our public water system, supposedly to pay for the pensions.

The very next week, you report that the mayor gleefully hired five more policemen, because the Federal Government gave him money for five years! And after five years? While people who bought houses with five year adjustable mortgages are excoriated for their lack of fiscal responsibility, you report on the new hires without mention of salary and pension payments due in the future. So individual home owners must think of their fiscal future, but not the city government?

One week you report on the city cutting funds for at-risk children, quoting a volunteer plaintively asking "What is to become of these children?"

The next week you report that the city is building a giant new police station in the very center of town. Even more ironically, where a school used to be, now razed and moved out of town.

I guess that answers the question of the city's plans for at-risk children, doesn't it?

Is that really the welcome we want to give to the people arriving in Carbondale by train? A giant police station right by the train station?

People used to talk about our children being our future. I don't hear that anymore.

I guess no one wants to point out that our children's future involves paying off the debt we incurred building prisons and police stations. That is, when they're not actually inside, doing time.

Some future!


Anonymous said...

yeah, they are all bipolar. Our city paid for everyone to have their sewers inspected to find which ones had drainage fields attached to the city sewer (at great plumber expense) because the system can not handle the population and then they agree to include the neighboring town into the sewer system because they could make a buck. All that inspection costs and they found very few drainage systems hooked into the sewer system and they still are dumping raw sewage in the lake as needed.

David G. said...

I couldn't find anywhere to comment on the flea post so I'll do it here.

What a shame we can't get rid of nuisance world leaders in the same way as we get rid of fleas. Surely there must be a herb that could take care of them permanently.

Take care now and keep up your great work, Wage Laborer!