Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dogs and People

It's summertime and my dogs have fleas. They seem pretty miserable. Who would want hundreds of creatures crawling around on them?

So, I give them baths. They hate baths. But I believe that, as much as they hate baths, they should realize that the flea-free bliss they enjoy after the bath should make them learn that baths are to be tolerated.

This doesn't happen. They never make the connection.

My route to work involves 2 traffic signals. My Green ideas, coupled with the habits derived from driving a car with no first gear, makes me save gas by timing my approach to the signals so that I cruise up to them as the light turns green.

This drives some people insane. Why am I going so slow? They get right on my tail, then speed up, and speed past me, only to get to the red light and stop.

Then I cruise past them on the green light, imagining that they are feeling pretty, pretty stupid, as they watch me pass.

Nope. Like my dogs, they never make the connection, flooring their gas pedals to zoom past me, so they can wait at the next red light.


Pangolin said...

For the fleas a few cups of dried pennyroyal tossed in or on the dogs beds will eliminate fleas for about a year.

There is no hope for the drivers in a hurry. Locally there is a long stretch of road where the lights are timed to allow you to drive 28 mph. Where it passes through downtown you can watch car after car accelerate jerkily for 50 yards from the light only to stand on the brakes to wait 20 seconds for the light to turn green.

You'd think everyone in the area would have figured these lights out after living here about a week but day after day you can watch proof that some people do not learn.

People have known that herbs like pennyroyal and tansy deter pests for centuries but we fail to hand the information down. Or fail to attend when it is given. It's the same thing really.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.

Where do you get pennyroyal?

I'll try anything!!

I used to use Frontline, but it quit working. Evolution in action.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is ridiculous.

I can't comment on my own blog!

It says I have the wrong password.

Daro said...

Maybe all this time you've been on the wrong blog?

As much as I hate chemicals, Bayer's green "spot on" (dunno the US name) is amazing. One drop behind the neck and = no fleas. Gone. The "harm" it might do your dog would pale by the amount of bacterial damage caused by the fleas.

Anonymous said...

I heard somewhere that just bathing with salt water will kill fleas - don't know if that is true but cheap enough. My sister used frontline on two of her little dogs and both had epileptic fits - don't know if there is a relation.