Thursday, July 29, 2010

Depleted Uranium

Although the supreme war crime of illegal invasion encompasses all other war crimes, there are multiple other war crimes committed in the years afterwards.

The US attacked Fallujah twice in 2004, targeting the hospital the second time, because they didn't want the bad publicity they got when wounded civilians in the hospital were shown on TV.

They used illegal weapons, and weapons that should be illegal, such as depleted uranium weapons.

Now, again, there is proof that the suffering of the Fallujans continues although they are not being bombed at this time.

I mentioned on my radio show last year that we Southern Illinoisians are partially responsible for the increased birth defects, leukemia and other cancers in Iraq, since we have a depleted uranium weapons manufacturing company right here, in a wildlife refuge, employing lots of people. (Jobs, jobs, jobs! No morals allowed.)

One of my listeners told me an interesting story. She works as a driver for people wanting to go to the St. Louis airport, a two hour drive.

She had a Canadian professor in the front seat, and two teachers for military brats on a base in Texas in the back seat.

She brought up the fact that we make depleted uranium weapons to the professor.

The women in the back seat went nuts! They started screaming at her and the professor. The US wouldn't use those such things, and anyway, it was OK, and just SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

She said that the professor, (luckily), knew about the weapons and calmly tried to explain it to the teachers. They put their hands over their ears and refused to listen!

Yeah, but they heard!

I was pretty pleased that two women, deliberately and proudly ignorant, were exposed to the truth, as unwilling as they were to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Many don’t know many things because they don’t want to know. A spouse looks through the lipstick stains. I’m sure you have seen the documentary “Taxi to the Darkside.” I so wish I could get the people around me to watch it, but I’d have to strap them into a chair and pry their eyes open like Alex in “A Clockwork Orange.”

engineer said...

What is a society when it degenerates in not wanting to know? They payoff is DU.

How hideous is DU? From about 50 minutes into this video.


ryk said...

I once had the same thing happen to me. A neighbor was going on about how tax cuts actually increase government revenue. When I tried to explain to her how ludicrous that is, she walked away with her fingers in her ears saying "La, la, la, la, la..." I guess she showed me and my liberal math.

David G said...

Denial is everywhere, Wage Laborer! I think that people are shocked by things that are going on, things being done by their country, things being done by other citizens, and they can't cope with that reality.

We live in the New Dark Ages and it will get a lot darker yet.

Anonymous said...

Ever been watching television and one of those ads comes on for “Save the Children” or something to stop animal abuse? What happens? Move lightning fast for the remote and change to something – anything – else. Most people, though well meaning and thoughtful, simple cannot stare into the face of the truth of things. It hurts too much like staring at the sun.

Anonymous said...

All of the above are right: not seeing is not believing. If Hitler had been captured alive, most of the world would have wanted him hanged or imprisoned for life. Few would have wanted him tortured. Even today, I dare say, that if bin Laden were found and there were actual motion pictures of him being water boarded – the majority of Americans would say STOP – that’s not us, that’s not what we do. But they don’t see.

engineer said...

More and more people question the government version (and the government) of the WTC event then let on, for sure.

Osama bin Laden was (very dead for years) a cousin of George Bush senior business partner Scheich Salim. In addition, Osama was an important operative for the CIA and their transgressions in the Russian Afghan affair.

Water boarding unlikely with those connections (and dead), even to try to re-enforce the great lie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am guilty of only listening to things that reinforce my own prejudices, but do you notice how mean people in general have become? If you smile at kids or say hello, they just glare at you (some not most - perhaps they are taught that strangers are a threat rather than the truth that the greatest danger they face is from their own relatives). Lots of people around here chose pitbulls as their family pet probably because the breed makes a statement much like their oversized vehicles. I was reading a book about growing up in the 40's called the Lutefisk Ghetto and the guy was talking about how the ideal was brave, silent, strong and kind. Now everyone wants to be a star and keeps count of their facebook papparazzi and wants to be the meanest ass on the block. Sheesh.