Monday, July 12, 2010

Who's to Blame?

The distraction is now complete.

The coverage of the on-going disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has faded, and the scapegoats settled upon.

BP for the left and Obama for the right. Let the finger-pointing continue!

As I pointed out before, some things can't be undone, once started.

Therefore, don't start them! Just Say No.

Screaming about the lack of remedies while the oil spews into the Gulf is like driving your car off a cliff, stomping on the brakes, and then blaming the car manufacturer for your inability to stop the car.

Who do I sue? These brakes are faulty!

There must be money passed out to make everything all right again!

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Lukiftian said...

Not a bad parable, except Robin Hood lived at least 400 years before Newton, if he existed at all. Guy Fawkes would have been more contemporary and appropriate.

Incidentally, Newton was primarily an alchemist and an astrologer. His discovery of gravity and invention of calculus were seen by him as sidelines and servants to The Great Work.