Friday, September 24, 2010

Ahmadinejad and 9-11

US media is reporting that Iranian President Ahmadinejad told the UN General Assembly that many in the Arabian world believe that the Bush administration was behind the 9-11 attacks, and that the US delegation walked out when he said that.

My first reaction was that it isn't only Arabs that don't believe the official story, and for the US media to report it that way was totally bogus. And for them to report that "Americans are outraged" is reminiscent of their constant reporting that "we all loved Reagan", which never fails to send me into sputtering outrage.

And more recently, that "Americans were outraged" when Hugo Chavez smelled sulfur after Bush exited the podium. And ain't I an American? My friends and I laughed and agreed with Hugo.

And when they announced that "Americans were outraged" that the Iraqi threw a shoe at Bush. Really? Then why did Americans mail a million shoes to the White House?

But it gets worse. I was just listening to Thom Hartman's show. Thom toed the official line, calling Ahmadinejad "crazy" and expressing outrage that he would say such a thing, although he did point out that many Arabs DID believe that the neo-cons engineered 9-11 to manufacture consent for an attack on the oil and mineral rich countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, Thom. Again. Not just Arabs believe that!

But a caller from New York said that she had been at the UN and the speech was being reported WRONG by US corporate media.

Why does this shock me? Do I still have some semblance of belief in journalists? Why would I? I guess I do though.

She said that Ahmadinejad actually ran through the three main beliefs about 9-11. The "incompetent American/crafty Arab" scenario that is the official US story, the "let it happen", and the "made it happen" stories, and that he didn't say which one he personally believed in.

Her theory was that the false story was part of the propaganda for war against Iran that the US is clearly pushing. Conspiracy theory? I think not!

She wanted people to get the truth out there, and I am doing my part.

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David G. said...

The truth is like a flower in a bed of weeds: it tends to be overlooked.

How to get the truth out there given the extent of lies that there are is the problem.

If only people would question, would do their homework, it wouldn't be so hard.

One day the sheeple will wake up and their world will be gone and 1984 and Big Brother will reign supreme.

Then it will be too late!