Friday, September 3, 2010

How Long?

Bush announced the end to "major combat operations" on May 1, 2003.

Obama announced the end of "our combat mission" on Aug. 31, 2010, seven years later.

Will the next president announce the end of "major occupation" in seven years, when US forces drop another 25,000 or so?

I was at work during the speech, and the only people who were watching Obama lie in real time were an African-American couple. Everyone else had something else on TV.

Just hearing snippets of the New Liar-in-Chief made me ill.

I didn't hear a word about the million dead Iraqis, the four million Iraqis in exile, the widows and orphans now left alone in a destroyed society, without clean water, subsidized food, electricity or sewage systems. The babies being born with horrendous birth defects, and the children dying of leukemia from the bombs that our heroes dropped on them.

The president slobbered all over the heroes, as a matter of fact, lauding their "service" to their country, totally disregarding the fact that more of them have come home and killed themselves than have died in Iraq.
Too bad for the kids who believed the bullshit until they were sent over to destroy a country and its people for the good of the US ruling class.

Then got home and found themselves in a slowly collapsing country and people.

Caused by the very same ruling class. What a coincidence.

Too bad that they didn't stay alive, join IVAW and fight for freedom and justice right here in the Homeland!


David G. said...

You are doing a great job, Wagelaborer!

Waking up your countrymen and women to the reality that now exists in their country is both noble and necessary, especially given the stream of lies perpetrated by politicians and the MSM.

If only we could clone you and have a million Wagelaborers beavering away to stop the direction America is heading in.

I send you best wishes, friend, and trust that your mission will have the results it deserves.

engineer said...

"Everyone else had something else on TV."

That's the problem. That is so amazing, but true! A minute with TV is a minute wasted. As if there was nothing else.

Is it any wonder the land is where it is?

And they have won the propaganda war, folks.

Catch Margaret Atwood, "Oryx and Crake".

Anonymous said...

New boss same as the old boss. Heard on the radio that 2/3 of congress are millionaires - talk about representative govnt.

Give up on it all and go for a walk in the country. Criminals don't feel guilt - the only regret they will experience is if they get caught and then they feel sorry for themselves. Who will punish people in power? I think it is a silly invention but religion is the only hope for justice since so little happens here.