Tuesday, November 29, 2011

America Under Attack

200 year old towns in New England washed away, Joplin blown away, New Orleans drowned. East St Louis, Detroit and many more looking like Dresden after the firebombing of WW2.

Entire mountains blown to bits. Toxic lakes that kill any birds landing on them. A massive dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, even before the BP/Halliburton oil spill. Ranchers who live near fracking operations with water that catches fire, and a plan to do the same for the millions of people who live on the East Coast. Massive amounts of farmland depleted of topsoil and poisoned with herbicides and pesticides. Plans to drill for oil in the last great remaining wilderness of Alaska.

The Bill of Rights gone. Police breaking down doors, killing dogs, arresting citizens and confiscating four billion dollars worth of personal property a year. Police tasing, pepper spraying, and beating protesters. People being sentenced to decades-long sentences for small crimes, while rich criminals roam free. Americans subjected to ID checks, porno scanners and gropings. Every American treated as a potential criminal and terrorist.

One out of five American children living in poverty. Millions of homes empty, while millions of people are thrown out of their homes. People living on the streets, in their cars, in the woods. Food stamps cut.

TV talking heads whipping up hysteria at potential enemies overseas while our country is destroyed by those who profit.

What enemy can destroy land, water, air, the atmosphere, communities, civil rights, and living conditions and go unopposed by the majority of Americans?

Parts of America look as if they've been bombed. Thousands of Americans are internal refugees.

Yet the class war continues. And most Americans don't even notice.


Pangolin said...

There are recurrent rumors about FEMA camps. I maintain that such camps, if they exist, are being built in the anticipation of mass evacuations due to Climate Change disasters.

Nobody believes me. Even when I point out that Texas is becoming rapidly uninhabitable. It's unthinkable; literally.

wagelaborer said...

That's their excuse, anyway.

I have been wondering for 3 years why there are so many cement trucks going down my road, and just what they are building at the airport down the street.

The story in the newspaper was that it was an automotive repair building for the local college.

A sign up at the airport announced an Air Force National Guard station. (Which I believe, because now what was a sleepy little prop airplane airport has jets and military helicopters taking off. There was never an official announcement, let alone a vote).

My daughter's co-worker told me that it was a Red Cross station, which I interpreted as a FEMA camp.

A couple of weeks ago, my right wing co-worker causally mentioned that if we had a disaster, everyone would go to the airport down my street.

What???? She said that there was a "disaster" camp set up at the airport, and that's where everyone was supposed to go.

I said, yeah, so they can lock you in and starve you for 3 days, so you're happy to climb on those buses to ?????

It's funny that a right winger would have such faith in the government, whereas I've lost mine in the last decade.

Anonymous said...

check out jesse ventura s conspiracy theory, and follow the links on FEMA evacuation camps- be warned you will be equal parts scared and pissed...

wagelaborer said...

Thanks for the tip.