Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Outlawing Hunter Gatherers

While the imperialist juggernaut continues its assault on the world's remaining traditional hunter gatherers, it is turning its vicious attention to those here at home who have been forced into the hunter gathering life by industrial and finance capital.

Yes, while there are still people on the planet who live in the ways of their ancestors, whether it be herding caribou, or gathering ants, people in the US who are the earliest vicitms of the 1% tend to eat day old donuts, or discarded hamburgers. Some are fed by well meaning fellow citizens in park gatherings.

Now, our ruling class is cracking down on those who can't afford to buy food, AND those who provide food for them.

From locking up dumpsters to outlawing Food Not Bombs, our ruling overlords are trying to make sure that those forced from participating in the money economy do not eat.

If the system isn't working for all the people, it's time to change it.

Thanks to those who missed me. I was caught up in my political campaign, and then I was rather depressed that only 5% of my fellow citizens wanted to save the planet and stop the wars.

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Anonymous said...

Glad that you stood back up and kept moving forward.