Monday, April 15, 2013

Bluster and Bluff

As an ER nurse, I have a lot of experience with mentally ill people. There are times when they become angry and threaten various deeds.

But if a person is dressed in scrubs and in a room with a security guard at the door, and is screaming to kill me, or all of us, whomever.... do we nurses jump up and scream in terror? Do we scream back at him or her? Do we arm ourselves, just in case the person somehow gains a weapon and somehow gets out of the room and somehow comes at us?

No. We don't. We let them vent.

So why is the enormous country of the United States, the most heavily armed in the world, the one with bases in 180 countries, the one with spy satellites watching every move of people on Earth, pretending to be afraid of Kim Jung-un?

Frankly, I think it's embarrassing. We are constantly told by our corporate media that he is mentally ill. I don't know if that is true. His demands are reasonable. The US hasn't allowed any movement toward reunification in 60 years. It holds mantins bases in, and war games with South Korea. It threatens to use nuclear weapons "all options are on the table". And it has warships around North Korea and flies war planes over its terrority. Is it "crazy" to oppose such things?

It really doesn't matter what his mental state is. He can safely be ignored.

But our ruling overlords play us like patsies. If they want a war, they pick a victim, ramp up the propaganda and watch as obedient Americans shiver in fear as directed, and dutifully chant "USA, USA" as they hurl insults at the designated victim, and cheer on the bombs dropped on the people of the victim's country.

It's not a pretty picture.

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k-dog said...


Time would be better spent figuring out how to end the starvation of the North Korean People and how to give them better lives than by wasting energy hating on Kim Jung-un.

Hope things are well with you WL.