Tuesday, April 8, 2008

9-11 - empowering the ruling class for 6 years!

Yesterday, I participated in a Common Dreams discussion of an article by David Rovics, who trashed the 9-11 truth movement as not worthy of progressive time. He, and others like him, (people mentioned Chomsky, Cockburn and Rothschild, among others) are too busy mourning the lives of the millions of dead Iraqis and Afghans to worry about who killed 3,000 Americans.

It is true that if you go by the numbers, American deaths pale next to the mass slaughter of those who have the misfortune to live on top of coveted land. However, it is wrong to focus on the immorality of American imperialism, and hope that you will reach the average American citizen. People have tried that before. Abraham Lincoln spoke against the American invasion of Mexico, leading to the theft of 1/2 of the former Mexico. That didn't work. Mark Twain spoke out against the Spanish American War and the slaughter of the Filipino people afterwards. In every case, the propaganda overcame moralism. I found a great synopsis of some of America's wars and the propaganda used for them.

So, those of us who speak out and criticize and ridicule the official conspiracy theory of 9-11 are not wasting our time. A million people have died because the US ruling class uses 9-11 to justify invasion, murder, looting, repression, torture, etc., etc. Most people in the truth movement explicitly connect the use of 9-11 to the furthering of American imperial interests. There are very few documents that fail to point out the PNAC doctrine calling for American full spectrum dominance that candidly states the need for a catastrophic and catalyzing event, a new Pearl Harbor. How many progressives reference the PNAC document, where it is all spelled out?

I don't usually watch C-Span, because it either infuriates or bores me, but today I had company and they had it on. I missed the big 3, but I did watch other pontificating windbags bowing and scraping to Petraeus today. I was outraged at their submissiveness and ass kissing. What is relevant to the 9-11 discussion, however, is that 4 or 5 of the "public servants" used 9-11 to justify the US occupation and looting of Iraq. This is years after it has been officially admitted that Iraq did not play a role in the script that the US officially goes by. It doesn't matter. The yahoos still believe it, and they are the ones that supply the cannon fodder necessary to oppress Iraq. Therefore, it is imperative to answer the official 9-11 story.

By the way, Petraeus made what I consider a major gaffe. In speaking of the Sunni resistance that the US is paying not to attack the troops, he mentioned that the Sunnis wanted to "share in the bounty that is Iraq". Wow!! The General lays it out. Do you think that the corporate media will play that one? I don't think so.

A poster on CommonDreams gave a link that I think is helpful, along with architects and engineers,
scholars,and various and sundry patriots.

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