Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rev Wright and Rev Moon-where's the outrage?

Who is it that orchestrates American opinion? I don't mean the long term mindless flag-waving patriotism, or the continual support of the working class for programs for their own destruction. I've read my Noam Chomsky and realize that the consent is manufactured by a vast apparatus.

No, who orchestrates the daily and weekly themes? Who decides which story will be highlighted and pontificated about? Is it one maestro, or a cabal? I know how they do it. Thom Hartman says that, as a radio host, he gets the "talking points" of each day. Clearly, the White House, Congress and the corporate media get the same talking points. But who decides what those will be?

Imagine the power of that person or cabal. They can get the entire nation in an uproar about Scott Peterson, or the Runaway Bride, and then call it off with a wave of their baton. They can stir up immigration passions, with hundred of thousands participating, and then drop it. They can twist a spectacular national security failure into a triumph for the sitting President, and turn it into an excuse for war and repression. They can whip up national hatred for Osama BinLaden, and then seamlessly morph it into hatred for Saddam Hussein. They can show exploding buildings as unsurpassed tragedy, demanding that the entire world share the pain, or they can show exploding buildings as a military triumph to be joyously celebrated. The power is awesome. But the power didn't corrupt absolutely, it is power used by the already corrupt.

This week we're treated to constant images of pioneer dressed women and their children being herded out into buses. Salacious details of forced marriages and underaged brides are recited with gravitas by the talking heads. Americans heap scorn on such an out of step religion.

Last week we had Rev. Wright, Obama's pastor, and the manufactured outrage over his "misstatements". Apparently, Rev. Wright is insufficiently grateful to America, and the blessings it gives to the Earth. A few months ago, Obama was being criticized for being a Muslim. It then seamlessly morphed into having the wrong Christian pastor.

In the meantime, Bush 41 has raked in millions from the Rev Moon for "speaking fees". Rev Moon owns the Washington Times, UPI, Insight magazine, The Middle East Times, Azmbezi Times, newspapers in Uruguay and Canada, and a textbook publishing company in Russia. (According to Wayne Madsen in Counterpunch).

Sure, that's nothing compared to Rupert Murdoch. But does Murdoch claim to be the Messiah? Does Murdoch hold mass marriages for hundreds of couples? Does Murdoch call for Korean domination of the world, with everyone speaking Korean?
The Rev Moon is the head of the Unification Church, and preaches that he is the true Messiah, and yet, in this "Christian" nation, he gets a free pass with the nominally Christian leaders. He even had connections to the Rev. Falwell. Money talks, and money keeps the press from talking.

So the silence on the connections between Bush and Rev Moon is deafening.

Can you imagine if the Rev Wright were have been found to espouse such ambitions?

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Nader Enthusiast said...

This is an interesting video about Moon. Bill Moyers is interviewing Wright on his most recent program.

Your point is exactly right.