Monday, October 29, 2007

Biological Warfare

Remember a few years ago, when we were daily warned of the coming "bird flu"? Well, it appears they are still working on it.

WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL: "Flu lab nears completion"

Every year the CDC tries to figure out what this year's flu will be, so they can prepare vaccines. Usually, they guess right, but sometimes they get it wrong. So, if they have trouble forecasting this year's flu, from the strains that are already here, how can they be so sure that a disease of chickens in the far East will mutate and migrate here?

Perhaps because they are busily creating it in laboratories in America, such as this one in Austin, TX: Hybrid flu virus in near-miss escape - bird-flu.

They claim, of course, that this is for "defensive" purposes. Yeah, you dig up a corpse who died from the 1918 flu, and recreate that virus for "defense". How stupid do they think we are? Defense from what? From spontaneous regeneration of that flu from buried corpses?

People who don't believe in evolution are announcing that they know that a virus on the other side of the planet is going to evolve into a lethal virus and spread east to west to attack us. What birds migrate east to west? How do birds sick with a deadly flu manage to fly that far, even if they did migrate west? Anyone who thinks knows that this is ridiculous.

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