Friday, August 28, 2009

Good News!

I'm happy to report that everything is going to be fine. I was deeply in debt with no hope for recovery, thinking seriously about bankruptcy, but the green shoots are sprouting now!

And the solution was so simple! I got a new credit card and paid off all my debts with it. The interest rate is high, but that's OK.

I forecast that I will get a new, higher paying job, and I'll be able to pay my debts. It's important to visualize my goal because we all know that the economy runs on optimism. When people quit believing, the economy collapses. So I have hope and faith and belief. I also forecast that I will hold a yard sale every Saturday and get extra money to help with my expenses, cause, gosh darn it, I'm worth it!

This Saturday I plan to sell an old kitchen chair that I don't use anymore, because it's falling apart and the seat is ripped. I forecast that I will get $500 for it, because that's what I need to pay this week's bills.

Then next Saturday I will sell my broken down lawnmower for $1000, because property taxes are coming due. I'll have to sell something else to make up the difference. Perhaps I'll sell my old shoes. I forecast that that will pay my taxes.

The greatest thing is that I don't have to pay off all of the credit card. There's a clause in it that holds my children responsible! And any future grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I forecast that they will be very wealthy, so it shouldn't be a problem for them to pay off my debts.

It sure is a relief to know that my finances are under control. I was starting to think that I was going to have to live within my means!

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