Friday, August 7, 2009


Single payer health care is off the table. Mandatory insurance company tributes are on the table.

So now the progressive media is urging us to support "health care reform" which is an absolutely outrageous form of debt bondage to the FIRE industry, apparently just because it is labeled a reform. They are distracting us with a so-called "public option" and asserting that this is an improvement.

No. It's not. It's a massive step toward futher peonage. There has never, in my knowledge, been a law that forced every American to pay private corporations tribute. All progressives should be up in arms about the enriching of the insurance companies, as well as the finance corporations.

Why do progressives fall for this? It's almost as if they think we're as dumb as Fox News viewers.

It reminds me of the elections. We know that the voting machines put in after the Help America Vote Act are compromised. We know that the Diebold owner promised Ohio to Bush. We know that Mike Connell, the man who stole the 2004 election, died in a plane crash before he could testify about it.

But progressives pretend that voting is important and spend multiple hours trying to get out the vote.

And the 2008 election was hailed as a great victory for the people. There were great celebrations, and great things were expected from the new Democratic majority. A President, 60 Senators, and a majority in the House. How's that working out for us?

Single payer is off the table. The occupations continue, 3,000,000 Pakistanis have been driven from their homes, Guantanamo prisoners are more abused, 2,300,000 Americans are in prison,the spying and secrecy continues, Goldman Sachs made record profits, and the stimulus created jobs are mostly building more roads so that the government subsized cars can continue to pollute the atmosphere. What a victory for peace and justice!


ryk said...

There has never, in my knowledge, been a law that forced every American to pay private corporations tribute.

A bit apples and oranges here, but this reminds me of one of my pet peeves. Credit cards. As our economy moves steadily away from cash and checks as a method of currency transfer and steadily toward plastic credit and debit cards, we are approaching just the situation you mention in the financial "services" area. The banks exact a fee every time one of those cards gets swiped. It's basically become a sales tax placed on every American by private industry. It irks me no end.

And you're right about the whole health care thing. This attempt got farther Clinton's did, but we still lost. Maybe in another decade or so, when the situation is even worse than it is now, we'll get some real reform. But I doubt it. Corporations are powerful and Americans are stupid...

wagelaborer said...

Another thing about the credit card takeover is that they can track your every purchase and move with credit cards. Big Brother knows what you do and what you like.

It's like in Minority Report where as Tom Cruise walks along the street, the windows turn into advertisements tailored to him.

I have gmail and my emails generate advertisements catered to my email sendings.
They keep talking about a moneyless society, where you have to use a credit card to buy things. I, personally, do not have a credit card, because I think it's none of their business what I buy.
This will be another forced subsidy of the FIRE industry, and a total invasion of our privacy.

Daro said...

We should embrace these events as welcome news. With the trend over the last 30 years inexorably moving towards serfdom under an esoteric-industry-occupied uber-class it was inevitable that someday there would need to be a great, bloody showdown. But I feel the elite have tipped their hand and moved too fast too early. This is one more nail in their coffin, not ours. The internet will be remembered as the great marshaling force of the take-back of society by the 99%.