Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Played 4 Suckas

You have to admire the ability of the ruling class to manipulate public opinion. I know many people who think of themselves as liberal, and they are indignant about the right wing protestors who are disrupting health insurance meetings and demonstating against "socialism".

This has caused many good hearted people to support the Congresspeople who are pushing the health insurance bill, under the belief that if crazy right wing screamers are against it, it must be a good bill.

Suckas! You are being played.

The bill is a bad bill. It is forced insurance company payments, by penalty of law, with tax money going to poor people to be funneled to insurance companies. How is this progressive? It's not. So instead of having a debate on the bill, liberals are being suckered into blind support by the massive corporate coverage of frothing haters, some even armed, which really pisses off people who remember liberals thrown into jail for wearing T-shirts.

Do not be distracted! Nick Skala, a young, articulate spokesperson for single payer, was not. Asked to speak in support of the so-called "public option" to the Progressive Caucus of the Congress, he stuck to his guns. See his interview about what happened on

Nick Skala came to Carbondale to give a presentation 2 years ago, and we used his presentation in June again at a health care meeting.

Nick was found dead this weekend of unknown causes at age 27. This is a terrible loss for our side.

In honor of his memory, do not fall for the corporate manipulation of your emotions. The health care bill is a sham and a massive corporate giveaway. It should be opposed.


Anonymous said...

Just read Thomas Frank's The Wrecking Crew and according to him, big business wants the government to fail at everything.

Flimsy Sanity

David G said...

Most people in the world are played 4 Suckas, Wage Laborer.

Strange that it could happen to a species which, broadly speaking, claims to be intelligent.

Problem is our 'education' system. It relies heavily on rote learning and doesn't encourage thinking.

wagelaborer said...

Maybe. It's also because we're herd animals and like to stay with the pack.

David G said...

I agree that the herd instinct is well implanted into our genes (along with some other unpleasant instincts).

We are a dangerous cocktail!