Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Daddy Fails Us

Although the President takes an oath to support the Constitution, after 9-11, "everything changed".

The Constitution, a goddamned piece of paper, was overthrown by the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and countless Presidential decrees.

But, as Americans were wiretapped, strip-searched, finger-printed and treated generally as potential "terrorists", we were assured that it was all done to "keep us safe".

George W. Bush presented himself as our protector, as some sort of Father figure, bizarre as that may seem to anyone who actually had a decent father. He continually announced that his role as President was to keep Americans safe.

And Obama came in, took his oath of office, and also promptly disregarded it, the new boss being much like the old boss.

But now, the media is warning us that the hit on Osama has made us less safe, that we must increase our internal repression, accept torture without reservation, and kill even more people in other countries, because the "terrorists" will strike us again, in reprisal.

So what happened to keeping us safe? What happened to the "I spend every minute thinking about ways to protect Americans?"

If they knew that announcing an assassination would put us at risk, then why do it?

I question their sincerity.


Li said...

Yeah, Wage
This is now a military-security complex. They got rid of the industrial, cause that would make the middle class too strong.
What we are really fighting for here is that we understand that without a middle class there is no democracy. That's why we're trying to make this clear.
Our govt is spending money wildly on security here, with new contractors living off the tax-payer money. It is secretive and anything but democratic.
Yes, our founding fathers would be disappointed how we slept through the destruction of the Age of Reason.

wagelaborer said...

Yes, I have a pillow that says, "You are living in the future. Not your own, someone else's. You are an interloper, trespassing on another person's revelry, usurping their promised land. You are not what they had in mind".

Anonymous said...

As to the Constitution:

It is most heavily critisized for its many slave owning authors. Also, some dislike its emphisis on property rights thinking they were meant to protect the already rich.

Still, it is an instrument of almost transendent greatness. Short, direct, few "loopholes", unpretentious.

Amazingly free of kings and priests.

Stuningly simple: no unwarrented searches, no war without a Congressional vote, no cruel punishments, only one entity can "make" money.

They will protect this document in the fanciest safe that can be built; they will swear that they love it; they will let their children die for it.

Anything but follow it.

Anonymous said...

Yea, there'll probably be somekind of "blowback."

Like high school shootings. Football heroes and cute christian cheerleaders will find some outcast (especially a weak one), amd they will pick and pick and pick. And act so damn superior and righteous while they do it. Then a day of simple revenge comes.

After that comes the metal detectors, the guards, the name-badges, and the psychologists.

And after all of those are in place, "it" all happens again.

wagelaborer said...

Yeah, and in the Constitution, the President is supposed to faithfully execute the laws, and to give a report to Congress once a year.

Pretty much it. How did the job turn into Supreme Commander of the Earth?

And our schools are miniature prisons now. And why not? That is the future planned for our kids, apparently.

Line up, bend down, show your papers, yessir!