Saturday, May 7, 2011

That Is Not Who We Are

Obama refuses to release evidence that Osama is dead, saying "That's not who we are".

Damn straight!

When Bush announced that a man in a cave in Afghanistan orchestrated an attack on the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world, shutting down any military response, exploding 3 skyscrapers into concrete dust and literally striking the heart of the military-industrial complex, the Pentagon, the head of Afghanistan offered to turn the man over for justice.

He meant a trial. Bush, the arrogant swaggering cowboy, refused. We don't need no stinking evidence for no stinking trial!

Our trillion dollar military may not be capable of defending the United States, but, by God, we can blow up goat-herders, brides and children gathering firewood! We can make the abode bounce when we destroy families' houses in tribal societies. And, just for good measure, we can invade an industrialized society, pulverize not just three, but hundreds of buildings, destroy water, sewer and hospital facilities, and kill a million people, and drive millions more from their homes.

Americans were so disgusted by Bush that we elected a professor of Constitutional law as President.

Surely a law professor would know that bringing an accused man to justice would mean arrest, an open trial with evidence presented and scrutinized, deliberation by a jury and a verdict. Surely a law professor would know that in America, a man is innocent until proven guilty.

Nope. The smooth-talking lawyer, like his stammering predecessor, prefers murder to trials. "Justice" means assassination.

We've come full circle, as the media tells us. The unbelievable story of a man in a cave shutting down the biggest military on the planet and imploding skyscrapers, ends with the unbelievable story that, after searching for ten years, the US found him and chose to go shoot him in the face and dump his body in the ocean.

And when skeptics ask for proof, the President, after doing a victory lap (but not a football spike), at Ground Zero, tells us that we don't need no stinking proof.

That's not who we are.


Anonymous said...

If ........

If OBL had been captured, and taken to the Hague for an international trial, and had been given both Western and Arabian defense lawyers, and then finally sentence to life in a non-torture based prison - like was done for the Nazi Roudolf Hess - then I would be "proud to be an American."

But, as its stands, I'm sad, tired, embarressed, and even a little bit afraid.

wagelaborer said...

Well, assuming he was guilty, I would think a life sentence would be appropriate.

But the FBI pointed out that there is no evidence connecting OBL to 9-11.

Anonymous said...

This is off your topic, but just for the hell of it:

Last night I was at an event with a number of "solid," highly educated people: one dentist, three chemists, two microbiologists, a guy who was either an architect or engineer, and several teachers.

I won't go into a long story about how things came up, but not one of them - not one - even knew the names Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, or Daniel Ellsberg.

Stranger still, there all not a single word said about bin Laden.

However, it was universally known (and much analyzed) that the local Dairy Queen might be closing.

wagelaborer said...


Anonymous said...

Minnesota and Iowa have bills in the works that will make it illegal to film or take photographs in factory farms. Strange times.

Excellent post - so few people are in touch with what it means to be civilized. I blame LBJ - if he had been tried for lying about Tonkin, we would have had a different country wherein leaders were accountable. Democracy and patriotism are just military recruitment tactics, I think.

Flimsy Sanity

David G said...

Anonymous says he or she is 'a little bit afraid.'

Given the execution of Osama, given Obama's personal 'assassination squads,' I would be 'very afraid.'

With Osama, America demonstrated to the world that it no longer believes in the law, trials or due process. It's regressed to the law of the gun so popular in the Wild West.

Where it goes from here can only be further downhill!

wagelaborer said...

Yes, Flimsy Sanity, just like the lesson learned from Abu Grahib was to ban photos, not to stop torture, the lesson learned from the videos showing the horrific treatment of animals on our factory farms, and killing assembly lines was to stop showing the videos, not to treat the animals better.

David G., the way we treat animals AND the way we treat people shows that we have not progressed past the Wild West, when the invaders were busily killing the natives and their buffalo.

Anonymous said...

How to tactfully converse with wacko's... When THEY come up with revisionist history (like one book I was reading on Vietnam protests that says 5000 police stations and ROTC buildings were bombed in the 60's), just say "that's incredible" as in the first definition in the dictionary. When they pass laws that say that "whistleblowers" are criminal. just say, "wow, what a Klazi move" which incorporates white male supremecy and blind obedience to corrupt (and only the intelligent get chosen) ignorance. And of course there is the old standby - "You really are an interesting in-duh-vidual."

Not to worry though, the Bible says the world will end on May 21, or sometime in October, or is it in 2012.

wagelaborer said...

I just heard that the world was ending on May 21st, in an article about an atheist who started a company promising, for an upfront fee, to take care of the animals of raptured people, after they ascend to Heaven, leaving their animals behind, hungry and unattended.

Lukiftian said...

I suppose those who practice Constitutional Law practice, those who can't, teach it; and those who do neither well become President.

But seriously, I've just had a long discussion on a forum of primarily ex-military men and enthusiasts about this subject and received the usual conspiracy theorist jibes when all I said was that I was skeptical of the official narrative (and even offered evidence to the contrary that OBL was already dead, including an interview with Benazir Bhutto in 2007 and a story from Fox New's own website from Dec 26, 2001) and asked them to explain why they took what the media consortium told them at face value.

Yes, it was a tough crowd, but these days, why wouldn't it be? I think people are trying to hold on to what they believe is security and sanity in the face of a whirlwind, and if that means they don't recognize the danger in front of their faces that destroys them, so be it.

wagelaborer said...

I have problems talking with with ex-military people, also.

Although most of them have absolute contempt for the (civilian) government, they invariably believe the wildest tales that they are told by those civilians.

You may be right about the need for security in an unstable world. Fairytales are so much better than reality.

David G said...

"That is not who we are," says the Commander in Chief frequently!

"Well, who or what are Americans, Mr President? Please take a moment to spell it out because many people in the world don't know or suspect the worst with good reason."

Grace said...

Living by the law is not who we are. Six people can choose by party lines , who will be President. Extrajudicial killings, with that all purpose handy Ocean to dump the body. and call it justice then make a game for children so they can kill him over and over again and give them medication for obsessive disorders.
We stand for peace in the Middle East,, but we have a special relationship that filters our view and AIPAC has become more important than the American people. Obama told the people one thing, firm 1967 borders! Then the next day, to the other group in a private meeting, said don't worry it won't be like that, we are ironclad in our support of Israel!
In fact, in tough financial times we are giving you more than ever!!
He didn't mention that in the speech to the American people!!

America and its Constitutional scholar President seem to have lost the plot led US astray. There is too much of "That Is Not Who We Are" going on around here.
Thanks WageLaborer.


wagelaborer said...

And then today, Obama has the nerve to celebrate the "rule of law" today when they turn over a Serb for prosecution.

Really? He has the gall to brag about due process 3 weeks after the claimed summary execution of Bin Laden?


Roger Fulton said...

you know, that's the purpose of these blogs, isn't it? You can sound off, bloviate your brains out, say what ever your first Amend
gives you, no matter how dumb it sounds.
So..go ahead. Do it. Feel better?