Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mafia State

Major General Smedly Butler pointed out years ago that the role of the US military was that of a hitman for capitalism.

But surely we have now reached new heights, with the President bragging about successful hits, mass media discussing them without a hint that they may be illegal, and the actual throwing of a body into the ocean! What is this, an episode of the Sopranos?

Even the Mafia didn't brag about their murders. They had the decency to pretend that they were not involved.

Obama "takes out" (more Mafia language) Ghadaffi's son and three grandchildren on Saturday, and then claims to "take out" Osama Bin Laden on Sunday. Quite a weekend for Murder, Inc.

The media plays their role of swallowing the story whole, and then regurgitating their appropriate talking points. Democracy Now focused on the "blowback" theory, in which "terrorist" attacks are payback for US imperialist deaths abroad.

Fox News openly cheers. Vengeance is ours, saith the bimboes.

But. My right-wing Christian co-worker made a point of telling me yesterday that she didn't believe the story Obama and the media were spinning. My liberal Obama-supporting friend didn't believe it either. And a African-American family that were in the ER told me that they didn't believe it either.

Well. That's a pretty wide-spread sampling of opinion, albeit in one small town.

Is it possible that the Obama puppet and his handlers have jumped the shark? Gone too far?

Unfortunately, Harper's Index points out that there were 164 episodes of Happy Days after the one in which their credibility legendarily was blown.

US imperialism has a few episodes left in it, I'm guessing.

What is the point of this announcement, at this time? It certainly can't be an election stunt. That would be an October 2012 assassination.

No. This is something else. I no longer feel qualified to predict with any certainty what the ruling class has in store for us, since I've guessed wrong in the past.

But, since all media is spouting variations on the line of "al queda is going to get us" in revenge, I'm going to guess another "terrorist" attack on US soil. That part isn't too wildly speculative, since you can tell what they want you to believe when all media spouts the same line.

But then what? Here's my wild speculation. The US has used war to get out of economic depression in the past.

The US is in deep economic trouble, and its creditors are starting to bail. There is a due date coming up in June.

The conclusion I draw is that the US will start a massive war rather than default. But I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Re your comments and PCR's piece over at Kunstler. I'll give you government lies about Saddam's WMDs, about Saddam's liasons with jihadists, help in 9-11-2001 and re Iranian nukes. I'll give you possible LIHOP.

But there was a tape of Osama explaining how certain floors which he didn't expect would be destroyed were in fact destroyed, the hit being more effective than he had hoped.

I take it you were unaware of this video or believe it was faked.

Anonymous said...

An unexpected observation.

I rent office space in an airport. I was working late Sunday night when the news of OBL's death came across the big screens in the concourse.

Of course, I was expecting cheers and strangers hugging each other with a lot of "We got him!'s". Stuff like that - especially in an airport.

But nothing happened beyond a few minutes of staring at the TVs. Then people quietly went on their way - to the TSA search, of course.

Maybe, at least in the back of their minds, people are catching on that all these war adventures are a con.

In any event, I was happy to not witness the bloodlust/victory intoxication/We're #1 display that I was expecting.

Anonymous said...

It's me again; the airport guy from the above post.

As an aside, with very few exceptions, the TSA people are very nice. They hate searching people; they're very embarressed about it themselves. Plus, they know that what they are doing is mostly an ineffectual joke. Most of them will very readily admit that they took the job only because they could find no other job.

This scares me. In the future, I'm very afraid of what "nice" people might do if they have no other way to make a living.

wagelaborer said...

Yes, I think that the video was fake. The story is that after the US invaded Afghanistan, the troops searched a house in Kabul and found a videotape, which they played and there was a hale and healthy-looking Osama Bin Laden, confessing to the whole plot.

What a lucky find! What are the odds? A city of 2.8 million people, and the troops just happen to bust down the right door.

Kind of like finding a pristine passport on the streets of New York, which somehow survived a fiery plane crash and the blowing up of a 110 story building.

To the airport guy - I'm glad that people didn't cheer. I think that David Swanson said he was on a plane and the pilot came on and said Osama Bin Laden was dead and encouraged cheering, but no one on the plane did.

Yes, we make depleted uranium weapons around here. Sometimes I see people with the General Dynamics shirts on, and I want to confront them with the facts of birth defects and cancer, but then I realize that they have families to feed, and would not quit their jobs to save other people's children.


Anonymous said...

I saw the picture of a dead Osama and you can too, it's easy.
The latest copy of "The Economist" has the pic. In a story on Pakistan, go to the back pages of the story, there is a pic of a guy reading a newspaper about the shooting. he's distrought. The paper is folded over. Turn the mag upside down and look at the top half of the pic in the paper he is holding. It's Osama with a bullet hole in his forehead.