Monday, October 1, 2007

bombing Iran

Quit letting the Bushites create reality!! All the talk about bombing Iran or not is letting the Bushits set the agenda.
There are the crazies who insist that Iran's quest for the bomb deserves an attack by the only country that has ever actually used the atomic bomb, because we are morally superior. How twisted is that?
But the opposition insists that we need "diplomatic pressure". This is bullshit again. We go through this every time! The inspectors have announced that there is no evidence that Iran is working on a nuclear weapon. This is ignored by the mainstream anti-war establishment, the self-proclaimed "reality-based community". In real reality, there should be no argument about how to deal with Iran, because there is no threat from Iran. The threats are, in reality, coming from the USA.
And, of course, no one asks the obvious question, why does the USA get to choose who can posess the nuclear bomb? The US has more bombs than any other country, by far, it refuses inspections, it has announced that it will break the treaties it has signed by developing new nuclear weapons, AND, as mentioned, it is the only country that has actually used them. On civilians, yet. Why is it just accepted by "both sides" in the corporate media that the US is in any way qualified to pass judgement on other countries?

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