Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Threats to children

Here it is Halloween, and, once again, the warnings go out about razor blades in apples, and other threats to our children. Yearly, the mass media propagates the fear, even though it has been debunked multiple times. There has never been a child hurt by a razor blade in an apple. It doesn't matter, the drums of fear beat on.

Look out for razor blades in apples!, but ignore the pesticides, heavy metals, and additives you give them everyday, because there are powerful companies profiting from everyday poisoning. Don't eat unwrapped candy, but stuff them with wrapped junk food and fatty fast food.

We tell our children not to get into cars with strangers. Really, we should tell them not to get into cars, period. The number one killer of children, from birth to age 44, is automobiles.

That's right, if a stranger kills your child, it'll be with a car. If you kill your child, it'll be with a car.

If you really love your children, you should be lobbying your town to stop the road building and start sidewalk building. Stop the urban sprawl, and make compact, walkable towns that get the true killers off the streets.

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