Monday, October 15, 2007

Sen. Mike Gravel: Hillary, War with Iran is No Laughing Matter - Politics on The Huffington Post

Sen. Mike Gravel: Hillary, War with Iran is No Laughing Matter - Politics on The Huffington Post: "Hillary, I'm glad to see you got a good laugh when I confronted you during last week's debate over your vote calling the Iranian Revolutionary Guard"

This is a great video. I am impressed with Mike Gravel and his outrage at the corporate favorite candidate-Hilary. All Democrats should be equally outraged, and unwilling to let the media tell us who our candidates will be in 14 months.

Gravel, Kucinich (and Ron Paul, on the Republican side) are considered "unviable" candidates. Why? The corporate media implies that it is because they don't have corporate backing. What does this mean in our so-called democracy? That even though Americans complain about the corporate domination of our country they must accept it without question? Sickeningly enough, they seem to. I went door to door for Kucinich in 2004, and it was disgusting how many people told me he was their favorite candidate, but they wouldn't vote for him (and this was the primary, not the general election), because he couldn't win, since he didn't have enough money. Where is the cognitive dissonance in this?

Now the Democrats have two truth tellers, and the Republicans have one. This is upsetting to the powers-that-be, and they are busily ignoring, and/or, trashing them. Have you seen accounts of the debates in the mainstream media? The Chicago Tribune had a picture of the Republicans in the last debate, somehow missing Ron Paul. And the news account they printed had no quotes from him. He was "disappeared" from history-the day after!

Perhaps this experience will wake people up to the farce that is American electoral politics. Candidate selection is rigged, media coverage is rigged, and the voting machines are rigged.

God bless our freedom! Let's go kill some poor children somewhere to celebrate democracy!

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Divided we fall.